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Business | Faculty of the Wharton School consider the benefits of Disney's planned purchase of Marvel, and some of the obstacles the House of Mouse may face: "... Disney will need to be careful, as it integrates Marvel into its fold that it doesn't choke off the culture of the comic book company that gave birth to the bold characters Disney now desires." [Knowledge@Wharton]

Business | DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson discusses digital publishing, attracting new readers, and what traits she'll look for in a new publisher for DC Comics: "A couple things, although it is very early to say too much about this. A strong, credible partnership with the editorial team that complements what they do well, and having perhaps a greater knowledge of the publishing business than I. But also a forward-looking emphasis on how we're going to grow build the business, both in terms of physical and digital publishing. ... It's going to be a key role. I'm not looking to stick my nose in in ways that don't add value." [Comics Alliance]

Publishing | Alan David Doane briefly interviews Chris Ryall, editor-in-chief and publisher of IDW Publishing. [Trouble With Comics]

Publishing | Deb Aoki talks to JuYoun Lee, senior editor of Yen Press, about translating Kiyohiko Azuma's Yotsuba&!, the all-ages comedy previously released in North America by ADV. [About.com]

Publishing | Here's yet another article about Kami no Shizuki ("The Drops of God"), the wine manga by siblings Yuko and Shin Kibayashi that's become an international sensation. "This book is a real bridge between the two cultures: manga fans discover wine, wine amateurs discover manga," says Stephane Ferrand, editor of the French editions. [AFP]

Education | The Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art has created an education department, and has named writer and editor Danny Fingeroth as senior vice president of education. Beginning in October he'll teach a weekly coursed called "How to Write Comics and Graphic Novels." A second course "Storytelling for Comics Artists," instructed by Klaus Janson, will be offered in December. [press release]

Conventions | The second annual BangPop! comics and pop-culture convention will be held Saturday and Sunday in Bangor, Maine. Guests will include Christopher Mills, Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier, Alex Irvine and Ron Fortier. [Bangor Daily News]

Creators | Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Berkeley Breathed answers a handful of questions about IDW's Bloom County Library and the influential comic strip. [ICv2.com]

Creators | Cartoonist Brian Crane talks about his popular comic strip Pickles. [The Press Democrat]

Creators | Writer Ed Brubaker talks discusses his Icon series Criminal and Incognito: "One of my favorite compliments I've gotten so far came from a friend whose brother is in jail. He sent him all the Criminal books, and everyone in prison really loved them. [laughs] So it was nice to know criminals feel the characters are somewhat authentic. I'm totally overplaying it, but I'm sure the criminals sitting there in jail reading the book are imagining they have a moral code too." [IGN.com]

Creators | Writer Fabian Nicieza fields seven questions about his comics and animation work. [The Vault]

Creators | Artist Sarcha Borisich talks about her collaboration with Johnny Zito and Tony Trov on Zuda's The Black Cherry Bombshells. [Girls Entertainment Network]

Comics | David Uzumeri continues his annotations for Batman and Robin. [Funnybook Babylon]

Comics | A look at a sequence by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon from B.P.R.D.: 1947. [Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader?]

Blogosphere | The Fort Hays State University student newspaper profiles Stephen Schleicher, interim chair of the school's Department of Informatics and comics blogger. [The University Leader]

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