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Business | Propelled by Disney's planned $4-billion purchase of the company, Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter debuts at No. 230 on Forbes magazine's annual list of the 400 richest Americans. The 67-year-old Perlmutter has an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion. [New York Post]

Creators | Several sources report that cartoonist Rusty Haller passed away this week of as-yet-unknown causes. He was 45. Haller, who began his comics career in the mid-1980s, is perhaps best known for his work in the early '90s on Marvel's licensed ALF and Count Duckula titles and, later, on Archie Comics' The Flintstones. He also created Ace and Queenie, an anthropomorphic spy/romance series that appeared in the Radio Comix anthology Furrlough. [The Beat]

Conventions | Reports continue to trickle in from last weekend's Small Press Expo, but they're worth the wait: Brian Heater's two-parter; Karen Peltier; Tucker Stone; Dave Roman; and Dylan Meconis' funny illustrated wrap-up. [SPX]

Awards | Nominations will be taken today through Oct. 31 for the 2009 Webcomic Reader's Choice Awards. Voting begins on Nov. 1. [Webcomic Planet]

Creators | Filmmaker Kevin Smith chats about his DC Comics miniseries Batman: The Widening Gyre, and reveals the name of the new character that supposedly will spin off into his own series at some point. [Splash Page]

Creators | Evan Dorkin discusses Beasts of Burden, his collaboration with Jill Thompson: "Like most folks in comics and geek culture, I've sat myself in front of a lot of horror and monster movies, read a lot of comics and books with genre trappings, and all that becomes a mental resource you dip back into time and again when working on scripts or comics. As far as Beasts being original, the influences on the series pretty much shows this isn't really all that original a concept, I feel awkward thinking anything anybody does these days is really all that 'original,' it's a jumble of things from my reading and viewing history. I just tossed it together a certain way, trying to be influenced rather than outright copy anything, putting whatever personal spin on it I am able to. I hope the take is original, I don't know." [Dark Horse]

Comics | Rob Bricken and Matt Wilson and Ryan Schrodt take a look at DC's recently completed 12-issue anthology Wednesday Comics, rating the good, bad and in-between. [Topless Robot, The Weekly Crisis]

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