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Manga | Wicomico County schools in Maryland removed all copies of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball from library shelves Wednesday after the mother of a fourth-grader complained about the nudity and sexual situations depicted in the first volume of the hit series. The manga, which sports an "All Ages" a T+ rating, is published in North America by Viz Media.

A committee of administrators and "people from outside the school system" will review books, but the schools superintendent will make the final decision on the fate of the series. At a Tuesday meeting of the County Council, one councilman distributed photocopies of scenes from Dragon Ball, describing some of the illustrations as "disgusting." [The Daily Times, The Daily Times]

Legal | An amended agreement between Google and the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers is expected to be filed by Friday to address concerns raised by the Google Book Search settlement. DC Comics is among the parties that object to the terms of the original deal, designed to resolve a 2005 lawsuit accusing the Internet giant of infringing on copyrights by digitizing out-of-print books without permission. [Publishers Weekly]

Legal | Cartoonist Rich Koslowski has won a copyright-infringement lawsuit against an Ontario computer-consultation company that used one of his 3 Geeks images without permission. [Eye on Comics]

Publishing | Sales of adult graphic novels in the book market fell 15 percent in the third quarter versus the same period in 2008, largely because Watchmen was such a hot item last year. Kids' and young-adult graphic novels "appear to be an area that's doing well this year," but we're left to wonder what that means. [ICv2.com]

Publishing | Japanese publishers Kodansha and Akita Shoten have announced a partnership involving their domestic and international copyright business. The deal reportedly would allow Akita Shoten to take advantage of Kodansha's market position and knowledge to expand in adaptations and licensing. [Anime News Network]

Publishing | Calvin Reid gets more details from Kodansha's Yoshio Irie about the Japanese publisher's new U.S. division. [PW Comics Week]

Publishing | Heidi MacDonald talks with BOOM! Studios Publisher Ross Richie about the recently announced deal for Haven Distributors to distribute second printings of his company's titles: "What’s really great here especially, is that for retailers who want to go with Haven we can offer a better discount on our 2nd prints. We have asked Diamond twice to put us in a better discount category and they have decided it is not something they want to do. Diamond’s in business to make money and needs to make decisions that make sense for what their best interests are. We’re in business to make money and need to make decisions on our end that make sense for our own interests. Sometimes those things line up, sometimes they don’t." [The Beat]

Publishing | Viz Media is accepting submissions for original comics. [Viz Media]

Conventions | The 10th annual Baltimore Comic-Con will be held Saturday at the Baltimore Convention Center. George Perez is the guest of honor. The 2009 Harvey Awards will be presented on Saturday. [The Baltimore Sun]

Conventions | IDW Publishing Editor Andy Schmidt and Akiko creator Mark Crilley will appear this weekend at the West Virginia Book Festival in Charleston. [Charleston Gazette, Charleston Daily Mail]

Sales charts | Here's a bit of a surprise: Robert Crumb's The Book of Genesis Illustrated debuts at No. 9 on Nielsen BookScan's Top 20 list of adult graphic novels sold in bookstores in September. [ICv2.com]

Creators | The Berkeley Breathed/Bloom County promotional tour marches on. [Mercury News]

Creators | Bill Willingham chats about Fables and tackling Angel for IDW Publishing. [TFAW.com]

Creators | Peter Bagge talks briefly about a course he'll teach at Seattle University and a series of biographies he plans to write about influential women from the early 20th century. [Seattle University Spectator]

Creators | Amelia Rules! creator Jimmy Gownley appeared this week on KCRW's "Guest DJ Project." [KCRW]

Comics | David Uzumeri annotates the fifth issue of Batman and Robin. [Funnybook Babylon]

Art and design | Todd Klein continues his study of Legion of Super-Heroes logos through the decades. [Todd's Blog, Todd's Blog]

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