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Libraries | In the wake of the recent firings of two Kentucky library employees -- circulation desk attendants, not librarians -- who refused to allow an 11-year-old to check out a copy of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the crew of Good Comics for Kids discusses who should decide what children may read. [Good Comics for Kids]

Publishing | Simon Jones questions why Japanese publisher launched its long-anticipated U.S. division with a reprint of the first volume of Ghost in the Shell that's flipped and missing pages that Dark Horse had restored: "What’s your master plan, Kodansha? Why was it necessary to take this license away from Dark Horse, if you’re not doing a different treatment of the book? It couldn’t have been because you felt Dark Horse wasn’t promoting the property, because I haven’t seen any marketing efforts from you.  I can’t even find your URL in this book." [Icarus Publishing]

Retailing | James Rainey considers an endangered species: the newsstand. [Los Angeles Times]

Conventions | Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo announced this morning that Mike Mignola has been added as a guest of honor for the inaugural event in April, joining Alex Ross, Jeff Smith, Jackson "Butch" Guice, Ethan Van Sciver, Steve McNiven and Ben Templesmith. [C2E2]

Conventions | The Central Canada Comic Con kicks off Friday at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in Manitoba. Guests will include Marv Wolfman, Howard Chaykin, Bob Layton, Tommy Castillo and Marcus To. [Winnipeg Sun]

Awards | Although Spike TV's Scream Awards were taped more than a week ago (but only broadcast last night), I hadn't been able to find a full list of winners until this morning. Or, for that matter, a list that didn't identify Geoff Johns as "Jeff Jones." Now here's the list, which identifies Johns as Best Comic Book Writer and Steve McNiven as Best Comic Book Artist. [BSCreview]

Webcomics | Todd Allen, author of The Economics of Web Comics, discusses the origin of his new comic, and provides some insight into generating revenue. [PW Comics Week]

Comic strips | Henry Stewart wonders what happened to the newspaper comic pages: "The unique problem of the Funny Pages is that no new generation has emerged to accept the mantle that Charles Schulz, Old School Trudeau, Gary Larson and Bill Watterson — artists who anchored the pages in the 80s and 90s (and, for the first two, even earlier) with their artful and clever comics — tried to pass down." [The L Magazine]

Creators | This brief profile makes much ado about the inclusion of cartoonist Seth among the literary who's who of the International Festival of Authors. [Guelph Mercury]

Art | Steve Duin looks at some weirdness I don't exactly understand surrounding the auction of C.C. Beck's original cover art for Whiz Comics #17. [OregonLive]

Art | Newlywed Ben Morse commissioned Todd Nauck to draw superhero versions of his groomsmen for their gifts. [The Cool Kids Table]

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