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Business | Marvel Entertainment's third-quarter profits plunged 60 percent because of a steep decline in film revenue and licensing sales for the period. The publishing division declined 6 percent, or $2 million, compared to the third quarter of 2008, which the company attributes to a drop in custom publishing offset by an increase in book-market revenue. [Bloomberg, Marvel.com]

Publishing | The list of nominees for the Young Adult Library Services Association's annual Great Graphic Novels for Teens is, as usual, diverse, with titles ranging from R. Crumb's The Book of Genesis Illustrated and Jamaica Dyer's Weird Fishes to Naoki Urasawa's Pluto and Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards' 1985.

The nominations, divided into categories for fiction and nonfiction, are led by Marvel with 15 titles, DC Comics and its imprints with 13, Viz Media with 12 (but for 18 volumes), Dark Horse with eight and Del Rey and Yen Press with six each.

The final selections, chosen by an 11-person committee, will be presented in mid-January at the American Library Association's Midwinter Meeting in Boston. [YALSA]

Publishing | Marvel has hired Bon Alimagno, editorial director of Harris Publications, as its editorial talent coordinator, replacing Chris Allo, who left the company in September. [Bleeding Cool]

Publishing | In the wake of last week's announcement of major changes at The Comics Journal, Jeet Heer looks at what the publication does well. [Comics Comics]

Manga | Editor and author Jason Thompson examines how manga grew in length, only to shrink again. [comiXology]

Comic strips | A look at the University of Maryland's student newspaper in the 1990s as a proving ground for cartoonists, including Jeff Kinney, Frank Cho and Aaron McGruder. [The Diamondback]

Conventions | Michael Leader wraps up the Oct. 24-25 MCM Expo in London. [Den of Geek]

Creators | R. Crumb's speech last week at the University of Richmond has created a bit of a campus controversy. [The Collegian]

Creators | Stan Lee recounts his comics career, from his early work at Timely to the creation of the Marvel Universe to the Marvel bankruptcy and the creation of Stan Lee Media and POW! Entertainment. [Inc.]

Creators | Seth chats briefly about the writing process. [Toronto Star]

Creators | Rick Geary discusses his long-running, and much-celebrated, A Treasury of Victorian Murder series. [Central Crime Zone]

Creators | Here's the English-language translation of an Italian Q&A with letterer Todd Klein. [The Sardinian Connection]

Creators | In the first part of a promised two-part interview with J.H. Williams III, the artist talks about his introduction to comics -- Marvel's Micronauts -- his process and his work on Hellboy: Weird Tales and Chase. [Saturday Morning Comics]

Creators | Robert Kirkman chats briefly about The Walking Dead. [Horror Hacker]

Creators | Robot 6 contributor Sean T. Collins talks with Becky Cloonan about her contribution to Marvel's Strange Tales #3 -- a short story starring the Sub-Mariner, "probably the hottest guy in the Marvel Universe. Besides Gambit." [Marvel.com]

Creators | Phonogram collaborators Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie talk about that title, McKelvie's Suburban Glamour, their work for Marvel, and Gillen's recently announced Avatar Press comic The Heat. [Den of Geek]

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