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Publishing | Just days after one U.K. newspaper devoted a lot of ink to a preview of Female Force: Princess Diana, another reports that the Bluewater Productions biography has been labeled as "disgusting" by a co-founder of a group dedicated to preserving Diana's memory. “Comic means something to laugh at," says Margaret Funnell of Diana Circle UK. "I don’t find it at all comical and I wish they hadn’t done it. Anyone with half a brain who had a love for Diana will hate it.” [Daily Express]

Publishing | Following the success of its adaptation of James Patterson's Maximum Ride, Yen Press has announced it will tackle the author's bestselling young-adult series Daniel X. The first volume will be released in summer 2010. [About.com]

Education | It seems like every year around this time an article makes the rounds about comic books improving early literacy. Here's the 2009 edition, courtesy of University of Illinois professor Carol L. Tilley, whose research on the subject was recently published in School Library Monthly. [News Bureau, Canwest News Service]

Conventions | The Genghis Con small-press comic convention will debut on Nov. 28 in Cleveland, sliding into the Thanksgiving weekend slot long held by Mid-Ohio Con. The guest list so far includes Derf, Abhay Khosla, Andy MacDonald and Tom Williams. [Plain Dealer]

Creators | Moebius expresses his love for the work of Naoki Urasawa (Pluto, 20th Century Boys). [The Eastern Edge]

Creators | Eddie Campbell discusses Alec: "The Years Have Pants," blogging and process. [Library Journal]

Creators | Christopher Borelli covers a panel at the Chicago Humanities Festival featuring a conversation between longtime friends Lynda Barry and Matt Groening. [Chicago Tribune]

Creators | Here's another profile of Frank Beddor, author of The Looking Glass Wars fantasy novels and writer of the spin-off Hatter M comics. [Star-Tribune]

Creators | J. Torres chats briefly about writing Wall-E for BOOM! Studios' line of Disney/Pixar comics. [GeekDad]

Creators | Victoria Grabner profiles brothers Joshua and Jacob Hicks of Henderson, Kentucky, who have launched a line of Christian-themed comics. [The Gleaner]

Comics | David Brothers details how Grant Morrison ruined the X-Men: "Grant Morrison made the X-Men grown-up. He eschewed stereotypical supervillain stories until the tail end of his run, and even those stories were layered with a depth of character and nuance that kept them above generic megalomania. When Magneto nearly destroys New York as the culmination of his big plan, he’s forced to confront the fact that the personality he created to further his plan, the healer Xorn, is better liked and more effective than he could ever be. No one wants Magneto any more. Magneto is old and busted, Xorn is the new hotness." [4thletter!]

Comics | Graeme McMillan spotlights five genre comics that people should be reading. [io9.com]

Music | Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos talks about, among other things, the song "DC Comics and Milkshakes": "... I was reading a Booster Gold comic drinking a chocolate milkshake on a bus listening to the Replacements when I thought up that song. I had this wave of euphoria, like, 'DC Comics are so amazing.' I've read them all my life, and no matter what's going on -- if I had a bad breakup or a [expletive] job -- they always cheer me up. And they're cheap. They're only like 2 pounds, and a milkshake is 50 pence. So as long as I've got 2-pounds-50 on me, I'm kind of invincible." [Star-Tribune]

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