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Publishing | Veteran writer J.M. DeMatteis has resigned as editor-in-chief of Ardden Entertainment, fledgling publisher of Flash Gordon and partner in the planned revival of Atlas Comics. DeMatteis, who joined Ardden in February 2008, cited creative differences with Co-Publishers Brendan Deneen and Rich Emms. Deneen has assumed the role of editor-in-chief. [J.M. DeMatteis' blog]

Comic strips | Non Sequitur cartoonist Wiley Miller comments on the decision by more than 20 newspapers to replace the Oct. 3 installment of his strip because it mentioned the Prophet Muhammad: "[Editors] didn't see the satire was on them, of being petrified to run anything related to him. But this whole thing has just gotten so silly over the years. It's something I can't lay off. It's my job as a satirist to point out the stupidity in the world. And the editors fell right in line with proving how stupid it is." Andrew Alexander, ombudsman for The Washington Post, criticized his newspaper for pulling the strip. [Fox News]

New York Comic Con | Deb Aoki, Publishers Weekly and Mania post photo galleries from the convention. [New York Comic Con]

Conventions | An estimated 250 people showed up Saturday in the front yard of comics writer Chris Yambar's Youngstown, Ohio, home for Lawn-Con 2010. [The Vindicator]

Creators | Michael Cavna profiles Joe Simon and his legendary partnership with Jack Kirby. "We all stood on the shoulders of Siegel and Shuster," Simon says. "But being a businessman, and having a businessman's interests at heart, I think the fame Jack and I derived from creating Captain America might be overshadowed by the financial success we found in creating the romance market. [...] In the 20-year period following Young Romance, the number of romance titles swelled to 400. In the process, we proved to other writers and artists in the industry that they could do the same." [Comic Riffs]

Creators | Cavna also chats with cartoonist Josh Neufeld, who set out Friday on a three-week tour of the Middle East and North Africa as part of the State Department's U.S. Speaker and Specialist Program. [Comic Riffs]

Creators | Artist Jamal Igle comments on his departure from DC's Supergirl: "It's going to sound cliche but the truth is, at least for myself, I chose to leave. [...] Two years on a series as an artist is a long time creatively, and like any artist, you feel the need to stretch and do new things. There was no malice, no secret agenda on DC's part. There were discussions of what I may do next but nothing finalized, including Birds of Prey. So when that news leaked out I was a little befuddled and didn't know how to respond to it and I chose silence on the subject. I know a lot of people were hoping I would take over BOP. Sadly when they would have needed me to start conflicted with finishing my Supergirl run." [Jamal Igle's blog]

Creators | Cosmic Book News has a pair of interviews with Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente and Pak. [Cosmic Book News]

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