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It's a brief roundup on this day before Thanksgiving.

Passings | Gerry Alanguilan reports that illustrator Sonny Trinidad, perhaps best known for his work in the 1970s on Marvel titles like The Savage Sword of Conan, Dracula Lives! and Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, passed away Nov. 23 in the Philippines. [Komikero]

Publishing | An Oregon business magazine spotlights the booming comics scene in Portland, aka "Comics Town," home to publishers like Dark Horse, Oni Press and Top Shelf, as well as countless creators. [Oregon Business, via Jeff Parker]

Manga | In response to the exclusion of manga from The A.V. Club's best comics of the decade, blogger David Welsh puts out the call for five Japanese comics that merit inclusion on the list. [Precocious Curmudgeon]

Manga | Helen McCarthy, author of The Art of Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga, chats briefly about the influence of manga, its treatment of women, and, quite topically, using the term "manga" instead of simply "comics": "I think it’s only important semantically to people like me who are interested in history. I don’t think it’s a stylistic description because there are too many different styles of comics embraced in the word manga. I find it very annoying when people say 'I’m doing manga but it’s English.' We have a perfectly good word for comics in English, which is 'comics,' and I don’t see why anyone should be ashamed of the terms in their own language that describe what they’re doing." [Speakeasy]

Libraries | The Bonner Springs City Library in Kansas has added a "junior graphic novel" section specifically for readers ages 6 to 11. "There were a lot of kids coming up and asking where the comic books were, and we would just point them to the teen section, but there were a lot of kids (that) I wasn’t comfortable sending them there,” says youth and teen librarian Erica Voell. [The Chieftain]

Blogosphere | Chris Allen posts a lengthy and interesting Q&A with writer, critic and Robot 6 contributor Sean T. Collins that touches upon his introduction to comics, comics criticism and the early days of the comics blogosphere. [Trouble With Comics]

Fandom | Christopher Borrelli profiles Chicago Bears linebacker and comics fan Lance Briggs. [Chicago Tribune]

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