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Legal | On Thursday 20th Century Fox filed six lawsuits against several dozen people the studio claims sold DVDs containing unfinished versions of X-Men Origins: Wolverine before the movie's May 1, 2009, theatrical release.

In December, the FBI arrested Gilberto Sanchez, a New York man suspected of uploading an unfinished edit of the film to a file-sharing website. Sanchez claims he purchased the bootleg for $5 from a street vendor. [Media Decoder]

Legal | The Department of Justice has delivered another blow to Google's controversial plan to make millions of out-of-print books available online. In a statement issued Thursday night, the DOJ said that despite “good faith” efforts, the revised agreement still suffers from class certification, copyright and antitrust issues. A hearing on the proposed agreement is scheduled for Feb. 18. [Publishers Weekly, Epicenter]

Publishing | As the standoff continues between Amazon and Macmillan over the price of e-books, Hachette Book Group has announced it will shift to an agency model for its digital editions. That presumably means that, like Macmillan, Hachette plans to determine the price for each book individually -- Amazon insists on a standard price tag of $9.99 -- with the retailer receiving a set commission. "This makes Hachette a valuable ally for Macmillan in their price feud with Amazon," writes Jason Boog. Related: Andrew Wheeler debunks some assertions about the Amazon/Macmillan dispute. [GalleyCat, GalleyCat]

Publishing | Yaoi Press Publisher Yamila Abraham elaborates on her earlier concerns about the newly announced Apple iPad. [Yaoi Press]

Publishing | Amazon has a listing for a 320-page Absolute All-Star Superman, set for release on Oct. 12. [iFanboy]

Publishing | David Brothers reflects on Milestone Comics: "What's fascinating, and what Milestone isn't given enough credit for, is just how forward-thinking and revolutionary it really was. Milestone employed a lot of artists who are either superstars or extremely well-regarded these days. Their approach to interlocking continuity is something that both Marvel and DC could learn from. Milestone's most important, and least imitated, innovation is in its approach to a multicultural cast in a superhero universe." [Comics Alliance]

Creators | Evan Dorkin discusses Beasts of Burden, his collaboration with Jill Thompson that will be collected as a hardcover in June. [Comic Monsters]

Creators | Writer/editor Dale Lazarov discusses collaboration and his new book Nightlife. [Bay Area Reporter]

Creators | David Brothers interviews Ron “D-pi” Wimberly, artist of Sentences and creator of Gratuitous Ninja. [4thletter!]

Creators | Ben Morse recalls interviewing Captain America co-creator Joe Simon in 2007 on the occasion of Steve Rogers' "death": "I initially expected that Joe would be a bit taken aback that his signature creation had met his demise after over six decades even if I wasn’t the first reporter to call him up, but he could not have been more laid back. As he informed me, this was hardly the first time he’d received a call from the Marvel powers-that-be to let him know Cap was being offed; the time before, he had celebrated by doing a painting recreating Jesus’ last supper with Steve in the lead role and cheeseburgers, fries and sodas replacing bread and wine." [The Cool Kids Table]

Blogosphere | Popular blogger Chris Sims is taking a full-time freelance position as the senior writer for Comics Alliance. [Chris's Invincible Super-Blog]

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