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Publishing | The filmmakers behind Spellbound, the Oscar-nominated documentary that followed competitors in the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee, plan to premiere an authorized documentary on the history of DC Comics at Comic-Con International. Mac Carter (The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft) is directing the project, with Spellbound's Sean Welch producing and Jeffrey Blitz executive producing.

"DC Comics contacted us and asked if we would do this," Welch told Collider. "Jeff and the director are comic book enthusiasts since they were kids and remain comic book enthusiasts. So yes, we have access to their archives, their material, their covers, their panels, the creatives and the executives in the DC world. [Collider]

Publishing | The weeklong standoff between Amazon and Macmillan over the price of digital books ended Friday evening, with the publisher's electronic and paper books quietly returning to the website of the retail giant. Details of the dispute's resolution have not been made public. [Bits]

Publishing | Rosa Golijan has high hopes for Panelfly's revamped comic-book app for the iPad: "I'd buy an iPad just to read comic books." [Gizmodo]

Publishing | Blogger Sean Kleefeld asserts there are plenty of comics for kids -- it's just that "the comics community on the whole seems to be willfully ignoring them." In the comments, Brigid Alverson and Johanna Draper Carlson point out that there are, indeed, sites covering kids' books. [Kleefeld on Comics]

Publishing | Tom McLean, Graeme McMillan and Tom Spurgeon consider the possibilities of a Watchmen sequel. [Bags and Boards, i09.com, The Comics Reporter]

Publishing | Breeanna Hare looks at Hollywood's love affair with comics "graphic novels". "The days of being embarrassed to be caught reading a graphic novel is over," author Stephen Weiner says. [CNN.com]

Best of 2009 | Rob Clough rolls out the first part of his rundown of the Top 50 comics of the year. [The Comics Journal]

Best of 2009 | Paul Gravett names the best reprints of the year. [Paul Gravett]

Conventions | Paul Gravett posts a lengthy report about the 37th annual Angoulême International Comics Festival: "More than ever with this 37th edition, I was struck by the sheer scope and variety of Francophone and international comics on offer. The comic market in France is vibrant, even overloaded, and has seen constant, year-on-year growth over the past 14 years. In 2009, a recessionary year, that growth slowed down but still managed a 2.4% increase in the quantity of titles published, 4,863 in total." [Paul Gravett]

Retailing | Retailers Brian DiStefano and Mike Okaly receive spotlights. [Poughkeepsie Journal, Courier News]

Creators | Alicia Lozano covers an appearance at UCLA by Neil Gaiman, who over the weekend revealed he has written an episode of Doctor Who. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Writer Matt Fraction holds court on The Invincible Iron Man, the movie sequel, the video game, Avatar and more. Note: The first link may contain spoilers for the comic series. [Techland, New York Post]

Creators | Brian Wood scores a Q&A in USA Weekend, focusing on the return of DEMO, Northlanders and getting things right: "I went to Norway and I was really, really worried. I signed books and some guy came up to me who knew zero English, and he was holding open Northlanders to a page. I was like, 'Uh oh, here we go. You’ve got something to comment on.' He points to a few pieces of clothing and weapons on this page, and he’s like, 'Sax,' which I know is the name for like a short sword. He seemed to approve — he was very gruff about it, but he was sort of nodding. I guess I did OK." [USA Weekend]

Creators | Kathy Lauer-Williams profiles Eric Wight, cartoonist and creator of the popular Frankie Pickle series of children's books. [The Morning Call]

Creators | Kyle Strahm, artist of IDW Publishing's upcoming miniseries We Will Bury You, is profiled by his local newspaper. [St. Joseph News-Press]

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