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Business | Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger on Tuesday called Apple's newly announced iPad a "game changer," and said that the entertainment giant has plans for the device that includes comic books, games and interactive television. Again, that should come as little surprise, considering that Steve Jobs is Disney's largest shareholder. [AppleInsider]

Legal | The Michigan Court of Appeals heard arguments Tuesday in the case of retailer and convention organizer Michael George, who's awaiting a second trial in the 1990 death of his first wife Barbara. The appeals court typically takes a month to rule.

George, 49, was convicted of first-degree murder in March 2008, but the verdict was set aside six months later by Circuit Judge James Biernat, who cited prosecutorial misconduct and the discovery of new evidence that might have swayed the jury. George has been held in the Macomb County Jail since his arrest in August 2007. [Detroit Free Press]

Business | Brooks Barnes profiles Jeff Robinov, president of Warner Bros. Picture Group, focusing on his efforts to modify the way the company operates. That "involves making fewer but more ambitious movies, cutting back on sweetheart producer deals and at long last integrating its corporate sibling DC Comics more tightly into the movie division." [The New York Times]

Publishing | MK Reed looks at Diamond's increased minimum-order policy one year later: "In the year since this change, the effects on publishers and products have been wide-ranging. Some observers predicted the End of Comics As We Know It, and some saw yet another mark of the death of print. But even ignoring the hit to comics as periodicals, the threshold took a toll on small press comics." [PW Comics Week]

Publishing | Brigid Alverson talks to Viz Media Editorial Manager Leyla Aker about the publisher's Signature line, "comics for grownups." [PW Comics Week]

Publishing | AdHouse Publisher Chris Pitzer chronicles the recent "AfroTour" with cartoonist Jim Rugg in support of the Afrodisiac hardcover. [AdHouse Books]

Retailing | Figures from the Booksellers Association reveal that independent bookstores in the U.K. closed in last year at a rate of about two a week. [Guardian, via Bookninja]

Retailing | David Gabriel, Marvel's senior vice president-sales and circulation, discusses the publisher's online Retailer Resource Center. [ICv2.com]

Best of the decade | Rob Clough begins his list of the best comics of the '00s. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon posts an interview with the always-interesting Joe Casey. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Brian Heater begins a multi-part Q&A with cartoonist Jim Rugg, who discusses the "AfroTour" and reaction to Afrodisiac: "I was pretty nervous right before the book was printed about people declaring me a racist or something. And I’ve been very relieved that that hasn’t happened. I don’t know. I don’t feel like the book is offensive." [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Creators | Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon chat with the folks at Alter Ego Comic Cast. [Fan Off]

Creators | Jonathan Hickman talks about his upcoming SHIELD series, Fantastic Four, and working with artist Dustin Weaver. [Westfield Comics Blog, via Steve Lieber]

Creators | Kurt Busiek tackles reader questions -- including one about the pronunciation of his last name. ("It's BYOO-sik. Accent on the 'byoo.' Rhymes with 'You sick'.") [Busiek.com]

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