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Conventions | Wizard Entertainment has added New Orleans to its growing convention circuit, bringing the number of events to 15 in 14 cities. The inaugural New Orleans Comic Con will be held on Jan. 29-30, 2011, at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. [press release]

Crime | Two Rochester, N.Y., men have been charged with burglary after they allegedly broke into the home of 70-year-old Homer Marciniak in July, beat him and stole his comic book collection. Marciniak died of a heart attack later that day. Authorities have determined his injuries were not life-threatening, and that his death was a result of a pre-existing condition. [WKBW.com]


Publishing | The Yano Research Institute's survey of the "otaku marketplace" found that digital comics in Japan grew 29.8 percent in 2010 to $520 million. Dojinshi (self-published works) rose 4.7 percent to $815 million. [Anime News Network]

Publishing | Steve Saffel, senior acquisitions editor of Titan Books, cautions that recent reports of a 9-percent increase in digital book sales may not be telling the whole story: "We haven't suddenly added 9% to the sales of books. As the sales of digital books are growing, they're causing a related decrease in print sales. So the two numbers are both moving closer to the center. What's really going to make the difference is when we begin to add readers." [ICv2.com]


Creators | Grant Morrison discusses Batman Inc. and Pax Americana, his take on some of the Charlton superheroes who originally were to appear in Watchmen: "The idea was to take the Charlton characters and put them in a completely different and kind of take the ideas of Watchmen, these sort of architectural constructions, these formal ideas and apply them to a completely new story. It's not a murder mystery; it's a completely different kind of mystery that takes place today, in a world not of the Cold War, but of international terror and conspiracy, and involving a bunch of superheroes. What took were those really complex and crystalline story techniques and tried to create new versions of all those Alan Moore transitions, the little visual cues and thematic cues ... and the thematic idea of a comic within a comic." [Comics Alliance]


Creators | Chuck O'Donnell profiles writer Fred Van Lente, focusing on his upcoming Marvel miniseries Chaos War: “We had to make this thing super-mega-huge. This is a disaster movie on a superhero scale. Supermen may not be all that impressed by meteors or earthquakes, but in the Chaos King we have a villain who is destroying the Dream Realm, the Underworld, the pantheons of the Norse, Greek, and all the other gods in Marvel U. The entire multiverse will be utterly destroyed, with the dead and dark Chaos King as the only thing left in creation. So the stakes are high, to say the least.” [YourNabe.com]

Creators | Dale Lazalov chats briefly with Capitol Hillbillies creator Christopher "Stu" Lange. [Bleeding Cool]

Comics | Joe Keatinge assembles a guide to other works by contributors to Marvel's Strange Tales II #1. [Neon Monster]

Comics | USA Today's Whitney Matheson has a preview of Joann Sfar's adaptation of The Little Prince. [Pop Candy]

Fandom | Jim Dedman interviews attorney Mark S. Zaid, whose legal-themed comic book collection makes up part of the Yale Law Library exhibit "Superheroes in Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books." [Abnormal Use]

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