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Publishing | Following widespread accusations that Incarnate creator Nick Simmons plagiarized Bleach and other manga titles, bloggers Deb Aoki (on Twitter), Rob Bricken, Christopher Butcher, Johanna Draper Carlson and Simon Jones weigh in with commentary on plagiarism, scanlations/piracy and fan art. Butcher has some particularly pointed words for "the legions of artist-alley dwellers selling mass-produced copies of their fanart," while in the comments of Comics Worth Reading, Jones neatly ties together the discussion by pointing out that some of the Bleach art that Simmons is alleged to have copied comes from volumes not yet released in North America. [Robot 6]

Comics | John Jackson Miller provides perspective on Thursday's record-setting sale of a copy of Detective Comics #27. [The Comichron]

Comics | Geoffrey Cain looks at North Korean comic books, such as The Great General Mighty Wing, about a honeybee who "confronts a horde of imperialist wasps — cunningly dressed like Japanese soldiers from World War II — trying to invade his land. After the wasps lay dead, he quickly rallies his enthusiastic colony into a workers’ collective." [GlobalPost]

Comics | Illustrator and historian Greg Theakston discusses collecting and the Golden Age of comics. [The Collectors Weekly]

Conventions | The Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia is sponsoring a Mini-Comics Expo today for students, faculty and alumni. [Savannah Morning News]

Conventions | Retailer/organizer John Simons is spotlighted in this preview of the growing Comicpalooza, which will be held March 26-28 in Houston. [Portfolio.com]

Creators | Multiplex creator Gordon McAlpin talks about his popular webcomic and his plans to distribute the first print collection in the direct market: “I know it’s going to be difficult to get the books into a lot of comics shops. It’s going to take some grass-roots efforts. I will be getting movie theater employees similar to my characters involved. We’ll be passing out fliers and encouraging shops to buy the books at 50 percent sticker price. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a small profit to put toward the next book and still give shops an incentive to buy Multiplex No. 1.” [The Herald-Review]

Creators | David Brothers talks to writer Brandon Thomas about The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury. [4thletter!]

Creators | Sweet Tooth creator Jeff Lemire is interviewed for the Alter Ego Comic Cast. [Fan Off]

Creators | DJ/artist Kid Koala is wrapping up his second graphic novel Space Cadet. [Spinner]

Blogosphere | In a rare first-person post, Godfather of the Comics Blogosphere NeilAlien reveals the secret origin of his blog, which was almost dedicated to Egyptology rather than Doctor Strange. [NeilAlien]

Video games | Mark Milian names the Top 5 superhero video games of all time. [Hero Complex]

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