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Legal | In what could be a prelude to a courtroom battle with the heirs of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, Jeff Trexler reports that Warner Bros. has replaced its outside counsel with superstar attorney Daniel Petrocelli.

A partner in the Los Angeles law firm O'Melveny and Myers, Petrocelli is best known for representing Fred Goldman, father of murder victim Ronald Goldman, in a wrongful-death lawsuit against O.J. Simpson. Petrocelli also successfully defended The Walt Disney Co. in a lengthy battle over merchandising royalties from Winnie-the-Pooh.

The Siegel family, of course, has its own superstar attorney: intellectual-property lawyer Marc Toberoff, who also represents the children of Jack Kirby in their bid to reclaim their father's copyrights to characters he created for Marvel. [Blog@Newsarama]

Legal | A proposed amendment to Tokyo's regional laws designed to ban the sale of loli material to minors uses such vague and sweeping language that the effects could be far-reaching. [Sankaku Complex, Icarus Publishing]

Comics | Michael Cavna delves into why collectors are suddenly paying $1 million and more for Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27. "This has a lot to do with timing, the serendipity of the right events at the right time," says Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of ComicConnect.com. "I think you see people worried about the stock market and real estate and wondering what to invest in. For people who love this material or have the foresight to see years down the road, you realize this stuff is actually a great investment." Meanwhile, Nancy Crawley discovers that her stack of comics from the '80s and '90s aren't worth much. [The Washington Post, The Grand Rapids Press]

Publishing | Japanese publishers Shonen Gahosha Co, Takeshobo and Mag Garden are launching three magazines for mobile phones in that country, with plans to expand to North America. [Anime News Network]

Publishing | Allegations of plagiarism against Incarnate creator Nick Simmons continue to spark online discussion about copying, piracy and scanlation: Deb Aoki rounds up a selection of Twitter and blog posts at About.com, where there's a lengthy comments thread; Melinda Beasi recounts her own history as a scanlation "junkie"; and Matt Blind weighs in. [Robot 6]

Creators | Collaborators Joe Harris and Steve Rolston discuss their upcoming supernatural thriller Ghost Projekt. [Ain't It Cool News]

Creators | Monsterplex writer Brock Heasley discusses his webcomic, which won the January Zuda competition. [Rocket Llama Headquarters]

Comics | To marks the 75th anniversary of DC Comics, Graeme McMillan names the 75 collections and graphic novels you already should've read. [io9.com]

Comics | Ben Morse re-examines writer Fabian Nicieza's tenure on Marvel's The New Warriors. [The Cool Kids Table]

Comics | If you have an aversion to spoilers, you may want to avoid this chart depicting the lifespans of characters from the first 70 issues of The Walking Dead. [Mightygodking]

Comics | In the latest installment of "Gateways to Geekery," Noel Murray examines Bronze-Age comics, and recommends Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson's Manhunter as a starting point. [The A.V. Club]

Comics | Dan Phillips offers pointers on how to introduce friends, family and co-workers to comics. [IGN.com]

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