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Publishing | Japanese magazine publisher Enterbrain has pulled both volumes of Kazuaki's manga Kai Yorihito Kaiyori Shiki because of the unauthorized use of licensed photographs. The editors and the creator have apologized to readers and the copyright holders. [Anime News Network]

Retailing | Erik Henriksen surveys Portland, Oregon-area retailers about the potential effects of digital comics on the direct market. “Digital has blown up at a time when print sales are falling due to high prices combined with an over-saturated market,” says Adam Healy of Cosmic Monkey Comics. “Digital comics are one of the few ways to bring in new readers and perhaps lure back old readers. The vast majority of the public is barely aware comics are still being made, and fewer still are willing to make a special trip to a comic book store to figure out what's going on in the comic world. Digital sales potential is in the millions, whereas print comics sales' ceiling currently is around 100,000. Digital is not a threat to print sales, mostly because they are so low already.” [The Portland Mercury]

Retailing | Retailer Glen Soustek wonders whether the direct market's third-quarter slump is simply a result of "comic dealers abandoning the failed concept of ordering 100 of a book in order to get a variant they can dump on eBay for $10 and then selling 10 of the original 100 they ordered and tossing the other 90 in a quarter bin just days after arrival." [ICv2.com]

Organizations | Prism Comics presented its 2010 Queer Press Grant to Johanna Tana "J.T." Ford for Duck and Jon Macy for Fearful Hunter. [Prism Comics]

Digital comics | Richard Nieva spotlights recent in-roads by digital comics, focusing largely on High Moon and Box 13 collaborators David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, and comiXology. [The Brooklyn Ink]

Creators | Richard von Busack profiles Charles Burns, whose new graphic novel X'ed Out was released this week. [Metro Santa Cruz]

Creators | The "Going Knowhere" podcast features writer Dan Abnett. [Cosmic Book News]

Comics | Split Lip writer Sam Costello begins counting down 13 great horror comics, while Thomas Zoth names the 10 "scariest manga you haven't read." [iFanboy, Mania]

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