Comics A.M. | The annual 'Will Comic-Con Move' pool begins

Comic-Con | The dust hasn't even settled on Comic-Con International, and already the hand-wringing has begun anew over whether organizers will keep the event in San Diego past their 2015 contract. A proposed $550 million expansion of the San Diego Convention Center would have to break ground by the end of the year to meet a 2016 deadline. [Fox 5]

Conventions | To coincide with the 40th anniversary of the first San Diego Comic-Con, some of the founders are organizing San Diego Comic Fest, a small-scale event -- it's described as "an old-school comic con" -- to be held Oct. 19-21. [UT-San Diego]

Publishing | Challenging Todd Allen's assertion that Kickstarter has become the No. 2 publisher of graphic novels, Steven Padnick insists the crowd-funding website isn't a publisher at all: "I don’t mean to be glib, but it’s a major point Allen skips over. Kickstarter is a funding source. It is a way for people to make start-up capital for their projects. I guess a publisher could be described as a funding source, in that it pays artists and writers to make books, but the publisher also edits books, and advertises them, and prints them, and distributes them." [Tor.com]

Retailing | In cooperation with seven major publishers and Diamond Select Toys, Diamond Comic Distributors is expanding retailer incentives to include extra discounts, free products and consignment programs. [ICv2.com]

Publishing | Tom Spurgeon sits down for a two-part interview with Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson in which they tackle a wide range of topics, from creators' rights to working with retailers to digital distribution: "Some people think that digital and print are at odds, but I think they're highly complementary of each other. All I can go by is the data that I have. I see increases in digital books at the same time as I see increases in print books. People like to have options, a choice in how they consume entertainment. The great thing about digital is you don't have to lug a shortbox with you on vacation to read comics. I think a lot of people feel that way. I think there are a lot of people that are buying print and digital as opposed to one or the other. I know comics are being torrented. Walking Dead is our most torrented book, but it's not dropping sales." [The Comics Reporter]

Comics | Roger W. Rautio Jr. is still dreaming of a Comic Book Hall of Fame, and he thinks Cleveland -- the birthplace of Superman -- is the perfect place for it. [The Plain Dealer]

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