Comics A.M. | 'The 99' creator discusses fatwa, death threats

Creators | In an article translated from an Arabic newspaper, The 99 creator Naif Al-Mutawa discusses what life has been like since a fatwa was issued earlier this year in Saudi Arabia against the animated adaptation of his comic: "You can imagine the call I had with my parents and my children when the front page of Kuwait’s leading daily newspaper quoted various death threats. 'Look on the bright side,' I told my parents, 'This shows the impact of The 99.'" He ends on a chilling note: "Why would anyone invest in media content if the producers can be sent off to the public prosecutor’s office and potentially serve jail time? Isn’t it just easier to keep dubbing Turkish, Mexican and American dramas? And if we keep doing that, aren’t we diluting our culture?" [The Beat]

Censorship | The Hartford Courant published two of the most influential editorials of the great comics scare of the 1950s — one was reprinted by Readers' Digest — so it's appropriate that David Hajdu, author of The Ten Cent Plague, will visit the city next week during Banned Books Week. This article includes an interview with Hajdu and an excerpt from a 2008 interview with former managing editor Irving Kravsow, who wrote one of the scare pieces. [The Hartford Courant]

Retailing | The comic shop Gods & Monsters, which will open Nov. 20 in Orlando, Florida, claims to be the second-largest comic shop in the country, with a floor area of 19,000 feet. Attractions will include an art gallery, a gaming lounge and a noodle bar; the store was partially funded by an IndieGoGo campaign. [Orlando Business Journal]

Creators | Kate Leth (Kate or Die, Edward Scissorhands, Fraggle Rock, Bravest Warriors) talks about her work, her tattoos and her comics guilty pleasure. [13th Dimension]

Creators | Charlie Chang interviews Simon Oliver, the writer of FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics. [The Kindle Post]

Creators | Darryl "DMC" McDaniels discusses his comic imprint Darryl Makes Comics. [Geek Exchange]

Creators | Hawaiian creator Christopher Carvalho talks about his comic Aumakua Guardians of Hawaii, a story about a multicultural group of Hawaiians who are the incarnations of ancient spirits and work together to fight evil. [Hawaii News Now]

Creators | Cartoonist Hi Neigher, who worked on Disney's Fantasia as well as Popeye and Betty Boop, just celebrated his 100th birthday. [WWLP]

Comic strips | Argentina celebrates the 50th birthday of the popular strip Mafalda. [Euronews]

Conventions | Michael A. Wiseman visits Winston-Salem Comic Con and talks to Ryan Staley, owner of Burke Street Comics and organizer of the con, about how he shares the comics love. [Camel City Dispatch]

Conventions | Cliff Galbraith posts a photo essay on the Small Press Expo. [13th Dimension]

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