Comics A.M. | The 50 greatest graphic novels of all time?

Graphic novels | Dubbing this "the age of the graphic novel," Glasgow, Scotland's Sunday Herald asked an unnamed and unnumbered group of cartoonists, novelists, critics, comics historians and the like for a list of titles that should be in everyone's library. The result is a pretty impressive, and varied, rundown -- "the 50 greatest graphic novels of all time" -- that ranges from Paul Pope's Heavy Liquid and Lili Carre's The Lagoon to Katshuiro Otomo's Akira and Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. [Sunday Herald]

Creators | Rebecca Gross interviews Daniel Clowes about the development of his work, doing comics at a time when comics weren't considered an art form, and the current exhibit of his work at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, "Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes." [NEA Arts]

Creators | Guy Gilchrist, who has been making comics professionally since the age of 14, talks about co-creating the Muppet Babies with Jim Henson and his current gig as writer and artist of the comic strip Nancy. [DNJ.com]

Creators | I interviewed writer and artist Nathan Hale about his historical graphic novel for children, Donner Dinner Party, which tells the story of the ill-fated Donner Party with surprising detail and humor. [Good Comics for Kids]

Creators | Writer Jai Nitz discusses his comic Dream Thief and his collaboration with artist Greg Smallwood, whom he met after seeing an exhibit of Smallwood's art in his local comics shop. [New York Post]

Creators | Jeremy Haun talks about his Kickstarter-funded project Bad Karma. Haun and his collaborators could easily have taken their project to a traditional publisher, he said, but they wanted to be involved in the project on every level: "At this point in our careers, we are allowed to do what we want. But this was complete control from inception to the final bits." The article goes into considerable detail, more so than the usual Kickstarter article, about what that entailed. [The Joplin Globe]

Political cartoons | Jonathan Guyer presents a selection of political cartoons from Egypt, where cartoons are everywhere, even in a tent during the Muslim Brotherhood's sit-in in Cairo. [The New Yorker]

Digital comics | iVerse Account Director Josh Elder and Brodart Co. Vice President Gretchen Herman explain the ins and outs of the new digital comics service Comics Plus: Library Edition, which is just starting to roll out to libraries nationwide. [MTV Geek]

Exhibits | The Toonseum's current exhibit, "And the Winner Is ..." is a show of original work by every winner of the Reuben Award, which is the National Cartoonists Society's award for best cartoonist of the year. [Pittsburgh City Paper]

Advice | Sean Kleefeld has some strong words for creators who are publishing their own comics: Edit your work: "You might be able to cover up a incoherent plot, or awkward scripting with great art, but even a fantastic script looks like crap if it's filled with typos and bad grammar!" [Kleefeld on Comics]

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