Comics A.M. | TCAF wrap-up; Robocop license moves to BOOM!

Events | Heidi MacDonald beats everyone else to the punch and files the definitive report on the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which featured a flurry of graphic novel debuts and appearances by artists as diverse as Taiyo Matsumoto (Tekkonkinkreet) and Andrew Hussie (Homestuck). [Publishers Weekly]

Publishing | BOOM! Studios will publish a line of Robocop comics beginning in August. Dynamite Entertainment had the license previously, but company President Nick Barrucci said the rights reverted to the licensor, who granted them to BOOM! [ICv2]

Publishing | Brian Truitt takes a look at Valiant's lineup for the second summer of its new life, and he talks to the creators about the relaunch and their plans for the future. [USA Today]

Creators | Kieron Gillen discusses his new Avatar Press series Uber, a World War II horror story that imagines a scenario in which the Nazis developed superhumans to defeat the Allies. [USA Today]

Creators | Writer Sterling Gates talks about giving new life to '80s superhero Vibe, who now has his own DC Comics title. [USA Today]

Comics | Wired's Underwire blog has a sneak peek at the upcoming Adventure Time graphic novel and a chat with writer Danielle Corsetto, of Girls with Slingshots fame. [Underwire]

Creators | It's unusual for writer Jerry Scott to be in the same place at the same time with the artists who draw his two strips, Rick Kirkman (Baby Blues) and Jim Borgman (Zits), but when it happened, a reporter was there to talk to all three. [The Tribune]

Exhibits | Designer and artist Rian Hughes talks about the exhibit he has put together, titled "Take Back the Art!" in which artists go back to the original comics images that Roy Lichtenstein appropriated for his paintings and make them into something new. [Forbidden Planet]

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