Comics A.M. | Sweden's Tintin debate continues; more on NYCC

Comics | Johan Palme talks to Nathan Hamelberg of The Betweenship Group about the continuing controversy over a Swedish library's decision to re-shelve some Tintin comics because of racist caricatures and colonialist attitudes. The books were put back following an uproar, but the move has sparked a larger conversation, and it even has its own hashtag, #tintingate. [The Guardian]

Conventions | Heidi MacDonald and the Publishers Weekly team (including Robot 6 contributor Brigid Alverson) post a comprehensive report on New York Comic Con, including debuts, new-title announcements, and a quick look at logistics. [Publishers Weekly Comics World]

Conventions | Dave Smith looks at one of the most vexing problems of New York Comic Con: the lack of decent wireless access, a situation troubling exhibitors and media alike. [International Business Times]

Conventions | At the end of New York Comic Con, organizers sat down with attendees to hear what they could have done better and get suggestions for next year. [The Beat]

Comics | Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter has donated his collection of small press and self-published comics to the Dylan Williams Collection at The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. Announced in September, the Dylan Williams Collection was established in memory of the late publisher of the Sparkplug Comics publisher who passed away Sept. 10, 2011. [press release]

Publishing | Tom Horgen profiles small-press publisher Tom Kaczynski, whose Uncivilized Books just released Gabrielle Bell's The Voyeurs and has graphic novels by Kevin Huizenga and David B. in the works. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

Creators | Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples discuss their acclaimed new Image Comics series Saga. "I love Marvel and DC books, I grew up on them, I wrote them, but you can always be pretty confident each month that Batman's not going to die and if the Joker's in an explosion, we're probably going to see him again before too long," Vaughan says. "In this book, there are really no rules and no sense of safety." [USA Today]

Creators | Kieron Gillen talks about his new comic Three, which in one sense is a response to Frank Miller's 300: "I picked it up, flipped through it, really not very much paying any attention to it. And one of the speeches about 'The only free men the world has ever known,' and literally had a moment of incandescent rage and shouted at the book, 'You hunted slaves!' And at that second the entire plot of Three downloaded, including the twist, the structure, everything." Gillen's story, illustrated by Ryan Kelly, follows three escaped Spartan slaves (Helots) and shows how the system damaged both the Spartans and the Helots. [Comics Alliance]

Creators | Terri Libenson talks about her comic strip Pajama Diaries, and the parallels it has with her own life. [Long Beach Press-Telegram]

Creators | The hometown paper talks to Kevin Dixon, whose graphic novel treatment of The Epic of Gilgamesh was excerpted in the first volume of the much-acclaimed anthology The Graphic Canon. Dixon has also adapted a selection from Oliver Twist for an upcoming volume. [The Springfield News-Sun]

Digital comics | "This isn't your grandparents' digital comics app": Stephanie Mlot checked out the Madefire app at NYCC and chatted a bit with founder and COO Liam Sharp. [PC Magazine]

Manga | Takamasa Sakurai surveys the European manga scene and talks to an Italian translator. [The Daily Yomiuri]

Exhibits | Joe Gordon takes a look at an upcoming show about German comics; you might not be able to make it to Dundee, Scotland, for the actual exhibit, but the art in this post is the next best thing. [Forbidden Planet]

Education | The school paper takes a look at a comics class taught in the English department of Clackamas (Oregon) County College; Dark Horse editor Diana Schutz recently dropped by to talk to the students and raffle off a Will Eisner graphic novel. [The Clackamas Print]

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