Comics A.M. | 'Superman Unchained' #1 locks in $1.25M at retail

Comics sales | ICv2 reckons that at $4.99 a copy and more than 250,000 copies sold, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's Superman Unchained #1 brought in $1.25 million at retail. John Mayo has additional sales analysis at Comic Book Resources. [ICv2]

Creators | Stan Lee shows off his office, which is pretty darn nice. [CNN iReport]

Creators | Writer Steven T. Seagle talks about the genesis of his new graphic novel, Genius, which started with his wife's revelation that her father was in on one of the secrets of the century. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe discusses Peter Panzerfaust, in which Peter Pan and his Lost Boys take on the Nazis, and his new comic, Rat Queens, both published by Image. [Hero Complex]

Digital comics | Writer John Scalzi and artist Mike Choi talk about Morning Star Alpha, a digital comic tie-in for the Morning Star game, which is still in development. The comic uses digital-specific techniques but is emphatically not a motion comic, the creators say. Adds Scalzi, "Working on a project like this is like 'Hi, Welcome to the ragged edge.' It’s a lot of fun to play with [Morning Star Alpha’s] branching realities. The constraint, as a creator, is that these stories still meet up at specific points. Characters have to stay consistent." [IGN]

Digital comics | Director Larry Fessenden talks briefly about the comic tie-in to his movie Beneath, which adds in some background information about the characters and the setting. [USA Today]

Digital comics | Hip-hop MC Murs discusses his new multimedia project, Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl, which combines a 70-page comic with a musical soundtrack into a bundle that will be available for download via iTunes along with his new album. [Allhiphop.com]

Retailing | OK, comics shops relocating to bigger locations is now officially a trend. This week it's Coy's Comics of Saginaw, Michigan (for some reason, Michigan seems to be the epicenter of this trend), which is moving to a bigger, busier location and will offer space for original art and separate room for gamers. [MLive.com]

Retailing | Meanwhile, the Minneapolis shop Nostalgia Zone is settling nicely into its new digs. [Twin Cities Daily Planet]

Commentary | Karen O'Brien looks at why DC's female superheroes are more popular than Marvel's. [Broken Frontier]

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