Comics A.M. | Superman rights fight returns to Ninth Circuit

Legal | No, the lengthy battle over the rights to the Man of Steel still isn't over. Attorneys for Warner Bros. and the family of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel on Tuesday were back before the Ninth Circuit to argue once again whether Siegel's daughter Laura Siegel Larson was entitled to rescind a 2001 settlement agreement. The outlook doesn't appear promising for the Siegel family. [Courthouse News Service, The Beat]

Political cartoons | The group Palestinian Media Watch has critiqued the cartoons of Palestinian political cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh as anti-Semitic, saying they dehumanize Jews and portray them as villains. Sabaaneh, who has done time in an Israeli prison, counters that he is simply reflecting the realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in his cartoons. [The Washington Post]

Publishing | Andy Brown of the Canadian publisher Conundrum Press talks about how the company has grown and changed over the past 20 years. Conundrum's line includes Meags Fitzgerald's Photobooth: A Biography, which just won the 2015 Doug Wright Spotlight Award. [The Chronicle Herald]

Creators | Writer Mark Waid explains how his adopted hometown of Muncie, Indiana, has worked its way into his comics, including the rebooted version of Archie: "I feel very much like as I drive around Muncie like I can see Archie and his gang out here. I can see Veronica and Jughead and Betty hanging out." [WTTV]

Creators | Cece Bell talks about her middle-grade graphic memoir El Deafo, and her choice to depict her younger self as a rabbit: "Rabbits were the perfect visual metaphor for my experience. Rabbits have big ears and amazing hearing. As the only kid in my school who was deaf, I felt like the one rabbit whose big ears didn’t work." [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Creators | Kate Beaton discusses her picture book, The Princess and the Pony, and the newest collection of her work, Step Aside, Pops. [The Independent]

Creators | Jonathan Case talks about his comic The New Deal. [Sktchd]

Manga | Vernieda Vergara posts a quick guide to manga terminology. [Panels]

Festivals | The fourth Locust Moon Comics Festival took place in Philadelphia last weekend, with a roster of creators that included Craig Thompson, Dean Haspiel and Denis Kitchen. [The Daily Pennsylvanian]

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