Comics A.M. | Stan Lee talks comics and <i>The Stan Lee Story</i>

Creators | Ahead of the premiere of the documentary With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, the 89-year-old Lee discusses the big-screen success of his co-creations, the fairy-tale appeal of superheroes, his favorite character (he doesn't have one), and a time when he was embarrassed to admit he wrote comic books: "Oh well, in the beginning, comics were the lowest rung on the cultural totem pole. I’d go to a party and people would say 'What do you do?' 'Um, uh, I’m a writer' and I’d try to walk away. And the guy would follow. 'What do you write?' 'Oh, er, stories for kids.' Well finally he’d pin me down and I’d say, 'Okay, I write comic books' — and boy, he couldn’t get away fast enough. Now, though, I walk into a party and someone sees me and they say, 'Sorry, excuse me a minute, President Obama, I have to go over and say hello to Stan Lee.' Well, okay. Slight exaggeration on my part." [The Star-Ledger]

Conventions | The Calgary Sun previews this weekend's Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. [Calgary Sun]

Conventions | Jimmy Jay wonders whether Comic-Con International in San Diego could expand to two weekends, like the Coachella Music Fest. [ComicConMen]

Creators | Mark Waid explains why he lives in Indiana, rather than Los Angeles, and demonstrates digital comics for the local newspaper. [The Star Press]

Free Comic Book Day | The Cleveland paper surveys the local scene for the upcoming Free Comic Book Day, providing just the kind of publicity this event is all about. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Events | Mark Evanier walked the red carpet at the premiere of the latest documentary about Stan Lee, but he didn't do it on the way in. Evanier was included in the movie: "I think it's to [Lee's] credit that when folks do documentaries about him, like this one and the one on The Biography Channel, he asks that I be included, mainly to make sure someone talks about Jack Kirby. Needless to say, any film that focuses on Stan is not going to spend enough time on Jack, but after declining a few of these, I decided a while back to start saying yes. I can't control the final cut but I can see that those who do have footage that mentions Jack and others who created Marvel Comics." [News from ME]

Comics | Archie Comics has announced a sequel to its teen comic Jinx, written by J. Torres and illustrated by Rick Burchett. The next edition will feature a rare sighting of Jinx's mom Merry. [Publishers Weekly]

Comics | Wally West seems to have been squeezed out of the DC Universe, perhaps because he is a character who can't be rewound, someone whose story, as opposed to his abilities, is integral to his character. [Speed Force]

Comics | Nancy Lambert counts down 10 "unforgettable autobiographical comics," including Maus, Persepolis and Fun Home. [Time]

Creators | The Middleman creator and Lost writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach talks about his new comic about an angel Ramiel: Wrath of God. "This guy has seen redemption firsthand, and he's looking for something else." [USA Today]

Creators | Chuck Dixon discusses his work on IDW's G.I. Joe comics, including Snake Eyes: "Snake Eyes is a tough write. He’s kind of like writing the Punisher. Neither guy leaves a lot of survivors behind. So, recurring villains are rare. And since Snake Eyes is ALWAYS in a life or death situation it’s on me to figure out ways to keep the climax of each story interesting. Also, keeping Snake Eyes out of the Mission Impossible trope all the time. It’s easy to fall into a formula on a property like this. Snake Eyes is also as hard on the people who love him as he is on the people who hate him. Being his friend is rough. And that creates tension. Only an emotionally challenged person like Helix can stand to spend much time with him." [Multiversity Comics]

Creators | Fifteen-year-old Eilish Nobes explains how she created her (unauthorized) graphic-novel adaptation of The Hunger Games. [Connecticut Post]

Creators | Just in time for Mother's Day ... Dean Haspiel is selling his pencil shavings on eBay. [Trip City]

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