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Legal | Those wondering how Stan Lee Media can possibly afford its long, and so far entirely unsuccessful, legal battle with Marvel and Disney may want to read this brief Wall Street Journal article about "litigation finance" -- which it characterizes as the growing practice of investing in lawsuits. However, pointing to the fight over the rights to Spider-Man and other characters, writer Rob Copeland points out there are high risks: namely, that investors could never see financial return. As we've noted before, Stan Lee Media's efforts are backed by a group of investors that includes the $21 billion hedge fund Elliott Management, which helps to explain why the lawsuits keep coming. [MoneyBeat]

Manga | Kodansha Comics had a few announcements this weekend at Anime Boston: The company confirmed it will publish The Heroic Legend of Arslan, by Fullmetal Alchemist creator Hiromu Arakawa, and will bring back the critically acclaimed series Mushishi as a digital-only comic. Also in the works: Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition, a collection of the first five volumes of the series with color pages that have not been previously published in book form (only in the original magazine serialization). [Crunchyroll]

Digital comics | Sean Gaffney kicks the tires on the new digital manga service ComicWalker, looking at the interface and the selection, which includes English versions of some manga that aren't yet licensed in North America and some that are out of print (such as Sgt. Frog). [A Case Suitable for Treatment]

Creators | Colorist Clydene Nee talks about the early days of digital coloring and the nuts and bolts of how it's done, as well as her dealings with comics publishers over the years. And she also discusses the other thing she does, running the Artists Alley at Comic-Con International. [Comics Creator News]

Creators | Shannon Haugland profiles writer J. Torres (Wonder Woman, Bigfoot Boy, Lola: A Ghost Story), who has been touring Alaska and talking to school groups about his work. [The News Tribune]

Creators | Maura McHugh and Kim Newman, who are scripting Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland, discuss the comic, which will be out in June, and what it's like working with Mike Mignola. [13th Dimension]

Creators | Also: Dave Stewart talks about coloring Hellboy. [13th Dimension]

Creators | Steve Morris talks to Jules Rivera, who is Kickstarting the second volume of her Misfortune High, about a magic school that's very different from Harry Potter's Hogwarts. [The Beat]

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