Comics A.M. | Spider-Man musical returns Thursday; Noveck lands at Syfy Films

Broadway | The $70-million musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark will emerge Thursday from its three-week hiatus a vastly changed production, featuring five additional flying sequences, expanded roles for Aunt May, Uncle Ben and Mary Jane, a scaled back (and transformed) Arachne, new songs and a lighter tone. “There is still a ton of emotional complexity in the musical, and some of that original darkness," says playwright and comics writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who was hired to help rework the script. "But we all also wanted a show that would honor the rich legacy and history of the Spider-Man story: the high school love story, the pretty girl next door, the science geek who is coping with new powers." The new opening night is set for June 14. [The New York Times]

Publishing | Gregory Noveck, former senior vice president-creative affairs at DC Entertainment, has been hired as senior vice president of production for Syfy Films, a joint venture of Syfy and Universal. Noveck, who oversaw DC's film and television ventures, left the company in August amid a massive restructuring. [Heat Vision]

Publishing | Rich Johnston reports Disney has decided that all Marvel superhero content must originate in the United States, which means that Panini/Marvel UK can no longer publish its own Marvel stories aimed at younger UK readers: "And since the US don’t generate this kind of content readily enough, a number of titles will be cancelled, repurposed or relaunched." [Bleeding Cool]

Publishing | Writer Chuck Dixon and editor Andy Schmidt chat about IDW Publishing's relaunched G.I. Joe line. [USA Today]

Digital comics | ComiXology CEO David Steinberger discusses his company's comics app, its PullList app and the Guided View Authoring Tools program. [Big Shiny Robot]

Creators | Chew writer John Layman talks about taking his Eisner Award-winning series a year into the future, jumping from last month's Issue 18 to this week's Issue 27, which features Tony Chu's sister Toni: "I thought, 'Why not throw it out there?' I'm always very aware of the monthly readers, because they pay our monthly rent. We get big checks twice a year from the trade-waiters, and I don't begrudge them. But if we can do things to keep people interested on a month-to-month basis, we will." [USA Today]

Creators | Sean Rogers interviews Chester Brown at length. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Christopher Irving profiles Jeffrey Brown. [Graphic NYC]

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