Comics A.M. | Sony's PSP Comic Store to close Oct. 30

Digital comics | Sony is shutting down its PSP Comic Store as of Oct. 30. After that, readers will no longer be able to purchase new comics from the store, although they will be able to download at least some previously purchased comics until January 2013. After that, the whole thing is just gone. Sony pulled something similar in Japan, but its new PS Vita store includes a manga service. The PSP doesn't seem to have been a very popular medium for reading comics in the United States, but it's too bad that those who did take a chance on it have no way to permanently preserve their comics in a way that isn't dependent on an aging piece of hardware. [Engadget]

Publishing | The Brooklyn Daily chats a bit with Sean Howe, the writer of Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, whose book includes an account of Marvel founder Martin Goodman, a Brooklynite who gave Stan Lee his first gig but was barely remembered by the company when he died. [Brooklyn Daily]

Conventions | Local journalist Cate McKissick turns in a very nice con report on the Hershey Comic Con, interviewing a number of local creators and fans, avoiding cliches, and acknowledging non-superhero comics. There's a nice gallery of cosplay photographs, too. [PennLive.com]

Conventions | Morgantown will play host this weekend to the first West Virginia Popular Culture Convention, whose guest list includes Kyle Higgins, Ron Frenz, Billy Tucci, Robert Tinnell, Neil Vokes, Bo Hampton, Mark Wheatley and James Patrick. [The Associated Press]

History | Paul Gravett writes about the history of the Comics Code Authority, the anti-comics hysteria that preceded it, and its gradual demise as publishers pulled out one by one. [Paul Gravett]

Creators | In an interview that's liberally sprinkled with his whimsical drawings, Ben Hatke talks about his new book Legends of Zita the Spacegirl, his work process and his other comics. [Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon interviews Adrian Tomine at length about his comics and illustration work, his relationship with Drawn and Quarterly, and his new book, New York Drawings. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Joshua Dysart discusses his work on Valiant's relaunch of Harbinger. [Sequart]

Creators | In an interview conducted at the Small Press Expo, Patrick Smith talks to hard-working cartoonist C. Spike Trotman about Templar, Arizona, Poorcraft and the Smut Peddler anthology. [Spandexless]

Creators | Also at SPX, Smith interviews Wizzywig creator Ed Piskor. [Spandexless]

Creators | Artist Nate Powell marks the 20th anniversary of his first comic, the self-published D.O.A., which was sold via a local comics shop and also via Nate's backpack at school, in North Little Rock, Arkansas. [See My Brother Dance]

Advice | Gene Luen Yang has some advice for aspiring cartoonists, and it's not the usual — he suggests they figure out whether they place a higher value money or self-expression and choose their path accordingly; also, it seems to take about ten years to become financially self-sufficient as a comics creator. [Gene Luen Yang's blog]

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