Comics A.M. | 'Sonic' artist files lawsuit claiming ownership of 15 characters

Legal | Former "Sonic the Hedgehog" editor and artist Scott Fulop has filed a suit in Manhattan federal court stating that he is the legal owner of 15 characters he created for the long-running comic. In the suit, Fulop claims that publisher Archie Comics owes him royalties for over 1,000 uses of the characters, all of whom are enemies of Sonic. He filed for copyrights on the characters in 2009 and 2010, over a decade after they were created, and he says that Archie Comics "wrongly claimed all authorship credit" of the characters in their 2011 copyright filing. Fulop is the second creator to try to assert ownership of Sonic characters; artist Ken Penders also claimed ownership of the characters he created, leading to a flurry of legal action. That claim was eventually settled. [New York Post]

Crime | A statue of a yokai (spirit) designed by the late manga creator Shigeru Mizuki has been stolen from a park in the city of Gobo in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Mizuki, whose works are published in English by Drawn and Quarterly, brought the yokai from traditional legends to popular culture in manga such as "Ge Ge Ge Kitaro." The missing statue, one of a set of ten, depicts a Taka Onna, a female yokai who tends to get jealous and who triples in height when she is angry, so she can look in the windows of houses. [Japan Times]

Manga | A new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" manga will launch in the October issue of the Japanese magazine "Coro Coro Comics," which will be released on September 15. A preview of the manga, which will be drawn by Tenya Yabuno, will appear in this week's issue. While there is no word yet of an American edition, Viz has been publishing the "Pokemon Adventures" manga. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game will be out in November in the U.S. and Japan. [Anime News Network]

Creators | The "March" creative team of Rep. John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell continue their media tour with an interview on the Alan Colmes show, in which they discuss how the book came together, why Lewis continues to practice the way of nonviolence, and what they think of the current political scene. [Fox News Radio]

Creators | Abraham Reisman accompanies novelist Margaret Atwood as she makes the rounds at Comic-Con International and he finds that while she may shy away from the term "geek," she is definitely an enthusiast. Atwood was there to promote her new graphic novel "Angel Catbird," but she enjoyed watching the cosplay and meeting with her fans as well. [Vulture]

Creators | Dean Haspiel talks about his work on "The Red Hook" and his other projects, but the heart of this interview is his lament that Brooklyn is becoming less and less sustainable for artists, as landlords jack up rents and speculators buy up empty buildings. The result is that artists are losing their studios and the other interesting little businesses are folding up and going away: "What used to be scary neighborhoods and underground nooks where you could find a cheap spot to experiment and discover and squeak by on a year of good months and bad months, hardly exists. Which is odd because, growing up with a mother who was deputy director for the NY State Council of the Arts, I counted on the fact that there were a lot of places for artists to make hay. It was that kind of leeway that encouraged me to sacrifice a normal life for the risk of a freelance one, aiming for full autonomy. Now, it feels as if you have to enter a 350-square foot windowless box in East New York, between a garbage dump and daily drug busts, armed with a three-year business plan like a start-up company rather than a group of independent artists willing to share cramped space so as to create cool and exciting ideas necessary to the growth and strength of our culture." [Word of the Nerd]

Creators | MariNaomi discusses her work and the life experiences that inspire much of it. [Yay! LA]

Publishing | Jason DeAngelis, Adam Arnold, and Lissa Patillo of the manga publisher Seven Seas discuss the manga industry as a whole and their place in it on the ANNCast podcast. [Anime News Network]

Webcomics | The webcomics platform LINE Webtoon and DeviantArt are collaborating on a series of Artists Alley events at upcoming conventions, starting with Boston Comic Con, where they will not only sponsor Artists Alley but also have a booth where LINE creators will be doing personal appearances and signings. Similar events are planned for the Baltimore, Rose City, and New York comic cons. [The Mary Sue]

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