Comics A.M. | Smart's 'Fish-Head Steve' shortlisted for Roald Dahl prize

Awards | Jamie Smart's Fish-Head Steve has been shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, the first comic to make the list in the six-year history of the award. The prize recognizes the funniest book for children in two age categories, and the final judges will be 200 children from schools around the United Kingdom. [Forbidden Planet]

Comics | Eric Margolis reports on the difficulties U.K. creator Darren Cullen had in getting his Kickstarter-funded comic (Don't) Join the Army printed. The format was unusual, so some shops simply couldn't do it, but printers also took exception to the comic itself, which was an "anti-recruitment leaflet" satirizing the British army. [Comic Book Legal Defense Fund]

Creators | Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, the new writer/artist team for the long-lived series Asterix, discuss what it's like to take the reins from the original creator, Albert Uderzo, and how they plan to proceed from here. [The Guardian]

Creators | Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about Captain Marvel, the loyalty of her fans (the Carol Corps) and her new series, Pretty Deadly, which debuted last Wednesday and sold out the same day. [USA Today]

Creators | Greg Rucka discusses his writing, his greatest regret (losing the writing gig for Wonder Woman) and how he approaches iconic characters: "You cannot focus so much on the audience, because if you stop and think, ‘Wow, this character has a 75-year-old history and a lot of people are very invested in it,’ there’s a good chance you’re never going to do anything. I try to approach it with the clear understanding, at least from my part, that what I’m being offered is an opportunity to work on something much bigger than myself, and try to serve that character the best I can in the time you’ve been allotted." [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

Creators | When MAD Magazine editor John Ficarra called up movie producer Judd Apatow to ask him to contribute to the new MAD anthology, Inside MAD, Apatow retorted, "You never spoofed any of my movies." Ficarra replied, "That’s because you do comedies that are so out there to begin with." So Apatow pitched an idea, a two-page spread of his characters, and it ended up in the anthology. [Comic Riffs]

Comics | So many Avengers comics! Which is which? Jesse Schedeen presents a guide for the perplexed. [IGN]

Documentaries | Johnny Depp will narrate a documentary series about the life of cartoonist Ralph Steadman, who illustrated the work of Hunter S. Thompson, for Sky Atlantic. [Sky News]

Careers | Although cartoons are hugely popular in Nepal, very few young people want to go into the field, according to cartoonists Durga Baral and Rajesh KC, who spoke at a panel on cartooning at the Ncell Nepal Literature Festival in Kathmandu. [eKantipur.com]

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