Comics A.M. | Small Press Expo table lottery begins Friday

Conventions | Registration begins Friday for the Small Press Expo 2014 Exhibitor Table Lottery, a new system designed to both bring the old process into the 21st century and address rapidly increasing demand. Online registration will continue through Feb. 14, with lottery winners announced on Feb. 21. There's a good deal of information to absorb, but convention organizers have created a lottery FAQ. [SPX]

Publishing | Reports of the demise of Ape Entertainment turns out to have been premature. The company, which had one of the bestselling digital comics a few years ago with Pocket God, has been quiet of late and recently canceled a number of outstanding orders. However, COO Brett Erwin emerged Tuesday to say the publisher is simply going through a period of reorganization after the departure of CEO David Hedgecock, who now works for IDW. Ape will release a new Fruit Ninja comic at the end of the month. [The Beat]

Creators | Harbinger writer Joshua Dysart and Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons discuss the dramatic turn of events, which will include the death of one of the teenage characters. [USA Today]

Creators | Dan Greenfield continues his four-part interview with Dave Gibbons with a conversation about his most famous work, Watchmen. [13th Dimension]

Creators | Ryan North, Christopher Hastings and Anthony Clark talk about their new webcomic DigDug, which is based on the classic arcade game and will be published on Shiftylook. [Comics Alliance]

Creators | Jane Irwin discusses her graphic novel Clockwork Game during a signing at Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan. [Dearborn Press & Guide]

Manga | Tiara Charamonte provides a primer on same-sex manga. [The Advocate]

Retailing | Bob and Linda Adams, the owners of Bob's Collectibles in Hamburg, New Jersey, are using their comic shop to help fight human trafficking, by encouraging customers to sign a petition and supporting Human Trafficking Awareness Day in their town. [The Advertiser News]

Events | The Malaysian cartoonist Zunar, who has been arrested and charged with sedition for his cartoons, will be visiting and speaking at the Center for Asian Democracy at the University of Louisville. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Awards | The Shogakukan Manga Awards have been announced, and the winners include Magi, which is licensed in North America by Viz. [Anime News Network]

Awards | The cartoonist named Hendrikus has won Indonesia's Adinegoro prize for his cartoon entitled "R.I.P. Law Enforcement." The award had the theme of "Democracy and the Image of the Nation." [Jakarta Globe]

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