Comics A.M. | Singapore cartoonist apologizes, charges dropped

Legal | Singapore cartoonist Leslie Chew apologized today for four comic strips that were formerly posted on his Facebook page Demon-Cratic Singapore. In a statement released by his lawyers, Chew said, "I accept that (the) comic strips had misrepresented to the public that the Singapore Judiciary administers differential treatment to individuals based on their nationality, social status and political affiliation, and that there have been specific criminal cases in which decisions were made by the Singapore judiciary on the basis of the above factors rather than on the merits." In light of the apology, and the fact that the strips have been taken down, the Attorney-Generals Chambers has dropped contempt of court charges against Chew. The cartoonist was also charged with sedition in April, but those charges have been dropped as well. [Straits Times]

Manga | ICv2 presents a two-part interview with Viz Media vice president for publishing Leyla Aker and publishing sales and marketing director Kevin Hamric. They talk about manga sales, changes in the market, and the importance of digital; says Aker, "For Shonen Jump, and it’s not a stretch to say for all our product in general, the ultimate aim is to have true, simultaneous global manga available for all fans." [ICv2]

Creators | Tom Taylor talks about taking over the writing chores on DC Comics' Earth 2 and the continued success of his digital comic Injustice: Gods Among Us: "I haven't been on [Earth 2] too long, but I'm plotting the long game. So, yes, I know what happens in the first three issues. Yes, I know what happens in the first seven.  Yes, I know how it all wraps up around my first 18 and what I'd like to do after that. So long game. We're not just going 'hmm, what should we do this week?' 'I don't know, uh, Earth 2 Batman meets The Porcupine.' Hilarity ensues… and spines!" [Crave Online]

Creators | Jay Stephens and J. Torres were on hand in Guelph, Ontario, for the launch of their Indiegogo-funded anthology of Canadian superhero comics. [Guelph Mercury]

Collectors | Collecting comics is all about nostalgia for Blairsville, Pennsylvania, collector Scott Walton, but having been a retailer for a few years, he also knows the field pretty well. [Trib Live]

Manga | The Japan Foundation Delhi is translating Fumiyo Kono's Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms, into Hindi. [The Times of India]

Retailing | Ryan Holmberg pays a visit to a rental comics shop in Mumbai, and he interviews the owners at length. [The Comics Journal]

Retailing | The Newnan, Georgia, comics shop Heroes started as a sports card shop 20 years ago but shifted gears as the times changed; now it is run by a new owner and the longtime manager. [Newnan Times-Herald]

Retailing | Meanwhile, the Huntsville, Alabama, store The DeeP Comics & Books is taking over the space of a local electronics store, which is going out of business. The new store will have more space for gaming. [AL.com]

Retailing | Kate Leth, who works at Strange Adventures, is starting a group for women who work in comics shops. [Women Write About Comics]

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