Comics A.M. | Shuster attorney appeals Superman decision

Legal | A federal judge this week made final his Oct. 17 decision that the heirs of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster surrendered the ability to reclaim their 50-percent interest in the property in a 1992 agreement with DC Comics, triggering an almost-immediate appeal to the 9th Circuit by Shuster estate lawyer Marc Toberoff. Jeff Trexler delves into the legal strategy behind the attorney's motion for final judgment. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Legal | Todd McFarlane has settled his lawsuit against former employee Al Simmons, who earlier this year released a book in which he claimed to be the inspiration for Spawn. McFarlane had accused Simmons of violating the terms of his employment pact and breaching his duty of loyalty. Settlement terms weren't disclosed. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Creators | Tim Hodler, Dan Nadel and Frank Santoro sit down for a long, freewheeling interview with Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez that's less of a Q&A than a conversation between readers and creators. [The Comics Journal]

Creators | Colin Smith talks to 2000AD artist Henry Flint and writer Al Ewing about their work on the seminal sci-fi comic. Here's Ewing's thoughts on reading the comic when he was younger: "2000 AD taught me the first lessons about how deft and intelligent comics could be, while at the same time being a thrill-ride suitable for all ages. After that I kind of stopped paying attention to the people trying to teach me that comics were inherently junk." [The New Statesman]

Creators | Indy creator Hannah Berry, who has had two books published, takes a look at the U.K. comics scene from the inside: "Being published is not the endgame in comics. It’s very nice, but there’s much more to being a respected member of the community: essentially, it’s down to what you do for the community." [New Statesman]

Creators | Dan Goldman discusses his Red Light Properties, book formats and Miami in the latest ComiXologist podcast. [ComiXology]

Publishing | Carol Burrell, who has built a very nice line of children's graphic novels (Pet Shop Private Eye, Little White Duck) as editorial director at Lerner Graphic Universe, is moving to Abrams ComicArts, where she will take "a senior editorial position." [Publishers Weekly]

Manga | Asako Kisui takes a look at the proliferation of university-level manga courses in Japan, and the attraction they hold for foreign students. [Daily Yomiuri]

Retrospective | Michael Cavna rounds up the best comics quotes of the year. [Comic Riffs]

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