Comics A.M. | SDCC spells out stance on convention center plan

Conventions | While the San Diego Chargers support the construction of a multi-use stadium that's not connected to the San Diego Convention Center, Comic-Con International still favors a contiguous expansion. "If a convention center is built across the street or blocks away from the current location, any convention considering an event in San Diego would be forced to determine who gets to stay at the main facility and who is relegated to the 'other' venue," Comic-Con's David Glanzer writes in a column reiterating the organization's stance. "Comic-Con experienced a similar scenario some years ago when we attempted to create more exhibit space by moving some exhibitors upstairs to the Sails Pavilion. Even though all exhibitors were in the same building, the fact that some were only one floor removed from others caused a great deal of consternation as they objected to not being on what they considered to be the main exhibit floor." [San Diego Union-Tribune]

Conventions | ReedPOP issued a statement regarding its Sunday badge for Emerald City Comicon, which features the cover of the Image Comics title The Discipline, depicting a woman looking terrified as a claw reaches out from the darkness and grabs her sweater, exposing her bra. "The art on the Badge is from the Image Comics’ series The Discipline. Within the context of the comic, it is understood that these images do not depict non-consensual acts or sexual assault," the statement says. The badge attracted quite a bit of comment on Twitter, especially because Sunday is Kids Day; ReedPOP said it would give Sunday attendees the option to exchange their badge for a different one. [The Mary Sue]

Political cartoons | Students taking part in the protests at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, have set up a "freedom square" ringed by a display of political cartoons. "I have never exhibited anywhere else, as I always wanted to show my cartoons displayed in an open space, where people can discuss and debate," said cartoonist Gopal Shonya. "Some of my friends asked so I put it up here." Although other cartoonists have been charged with sedition for criticizing the Indian government, Shonya is not concerned: "In this atmosphere where government cannot hear anything against itself, they can term anything as seditious. But since we have a right given to us by our Constitution, government cannot force anything on us." [Hindustan Times]

Creators | Scott Reid profiles Jeff Lemire, whom he calls "the Stephen King of comics." [Macleans]

Creators | Lone Wolf and Cub creator Kazuo Koike does an "Ask Me Anything" segment on Reddit and reveals that he is working on a new manga that will be made into a motion comic. [Reddit]

Creators | In a radio interview, Ayesha Tariq talks about her semi-autobiographical graphic novel Sarah: The Suppressed Anger of the Pakistani Obedient Daughter. [PRI]

Comics | The venerable British comic The Beano has started running creator credits, something it has rarely done in its 78-year history. Lew Stringer looks at the history of this practice and why so many publishers refused to run creator credits in the past. [Blimey!]

Manga | Tite Kubo's Bleach will skip a week in the American and Japanese editions of Shonen Jump because of the creator's "sudden illness." [Anime News Network]

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