Comics A.M. | Scrutinizing Marvel Unlimited and DC Comics apps

Digital comics | Although the Marvel Unlimited and DC Comics apps work very differently, Noel Murray has similar complaints about both: Specific titles are difficult to find, and the damn things keep crashing: "Frankly, while some of the other major comics apps have better search functions — Dark Horse’s, for example — none of the big companies have created the digital comics retailing equivalent of an Amazon or iTunes." [Hero Complex]

Publishing | Drawn & Quarterly has announced its fall lineup, which includes Peter Bagge's biography Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story. [Drawn & Quarterly]

Creators | Rick Geary is fascinated by murder because it taps into some basic human fears, he says, which is why he has been doing true-crime graphic novels for over 20 years—and he's not worried about running out of material. As the first volume of The Treasury of Victorian Murder Compendium hits the shelves, he tells Bill Baker about his process, his research methods—"This is probably my favorite part of the process because it's often a journey of discovery in which what I thought I knew about a particular case turns out to be untrue or misleading"—and the subject of his next book, the murder of Stanford White on the roof of Madison Square Garden. [The Morton Report]

Creators | Writer Kieron Gillen rolls up his sleeves and gives some serious, thoughtful answers to Colin Smith's questions about his stint on Journey Into Mystery, putting his work into perspective as well as talking about where it came from. [Too Busy Thinking About My Comics]

Creators | Brian Wood talks about his work on Dark Horse's Star Wars and Conan the Barbarian, and his creator-owned comic Mara. [MTV Geek]

Passings | Lea Hernandez remembers manga pioneer Toren Smith, the founder of Studio Proteus who had a very different vision for translated manga than what we have now. [The Beat]

Digital comics | Sean Gaffney, an early adopter and strong supporter of the digital comics site JManga, expresses his disappointment at its demise. [A Case Suitable for Treatment]

Comic strips | Here's a man-bites-dog story: Jeff Burney is moving his comic strip Attica from newspapers to the web, because that's the way the economics works out; he didn't have enough newspapers buying the strip to make it work. [Ottawa Citizen]

Comics culture | Sara Lima reviews M.A.C.'s Archie-themed cosmetics (which are actually Betty- and Veronica-themed). [Comic Vine]

Business | Former Marvel CEO Scott Sassa has resigned (under pressure) from his current job as president of Hearst Entertainment & Syndication Group after being caught up in a sexting scandal. [New York Post]

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