Comics A.M. | Scottish city to create Bash Street to honor <i>Beano</i> strip

Comics | The Dundee, Scotland, city council has approved a proposal by publisher DC Thomson to name a street in the city’s west end to honor the Bash Street Kids, stars of the long-running comic strip in The Beano. Dundee already has statues honoring comic characters Desperate Dan and Minnie the Minx. [BBC News]

Comics | Laura Sneddon continues the New Statesmen's week-long series on comics with a look at children's comics in the U.K., including the digital relaunch of The Dandy, the continuing popularity of The Beano (which sells a respectable 30,000 copies per week) and the new kid on the block, The Phoenix. [New Statesman]

Comics | Next year marks the 75th anniversary of the venerable Belgian comic Spirou, and there will be deluxe editions and exhibits in Brussels and Angouleme to celebrate. [Forbidden Planet]

Creators | Jamie S. Rich talks about It Girl and the Atomics, which he writes and Mike Norton (Battlepug) illustrates. [Comics Bulletin]

Creators | Matt Wilson talks to writers James Asmus and Jim Festante about their comic The End Times of Bram and Ben, about a "lovable bastard" who is accidentally swept up in the Rapture. The comic was originally self-published via Kickstarter but will now be published by Image, with the first issue due out in January. [Comics Alliance]

Creators | John Walsh, creator of Go Home Paddy, interviews Colleen Doran about her graphic novel Gone to Amerikay; both creators are descended from Irish immigrants, and both stories deal with the experience of the Irish in America. [Hell's Kitchen]

Comics | Shawn Starr talks to Ryan Sands, co-editor of the adult comics anthology Thickness, which is printed using the risograph process and pulls in creators not usually associated with erotic comics. [The Chemical Box]

Publishing | Gina Gagliano explains how publishers divide up the year, which is different from the way the rest of us think of it, and why every book has its own season. [First Second]

Kickstarter | Matthew Price talks to Amy Chu about her Kickstarter campaign to fund the anthology Girls Night Out: Tales of New York. [The Oklahoman]

Digital comics | In a video review, David Berlanga compares the comics reading experience on the iPad and the Galaxy 10 tablet. [Bleeding Cool]

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