Comics A.M. | Salt Lake Comic Con to take FanX events to Asia

Conventions | The producers of Salt Lake Comic Con are expanding westward, and taking their FanXperience spinoff event to Asia. Organizers have announced a partnership with Pop Life Entertainment, the parent company of Funko, to hold FanX events this year in the Philippines (June 10-12), China (Sept. 14-17) and Thailand (Dec. 11). Salt Lake co-founder Bryan Brandenburg said Pop Life has an agreement with a Hollywood talent agency to bring "A level" guests to the Asian shows as well as to Salt Lake Comic Con. [The Salt Lake Tribune]

Festivals | Representatives of several publishers met last week with the staff of the French minister of culture to discuss the future of the Angouleme International Comics Festival. Publisher Guy Delcourt said the problem is that the organization running the festival is inadequate, being composed largely of passionate amateurs, and something more is needed. While this may put the festival at risk, one writer at the meeting expressed a desire to see it "die a quick death" rather than continue to deteriorate as it has in recent years. Meanwhile, a group called indignesBDangouleme (Angouleme comics protesters) has issued a press release with a lengthly list of reasons why Franck Bondoux, executive director of the organization that runs the festival, should step down. [ActuaBD]

Creators | Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo look back at their five years on Batman. [Paste]

Creators | Here's your local-newspaper profile of the day: Greg Schoen, author of the Alterna miniseries Raygun. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Comics | Darren Davis of Storm Entertainment (formerly Bluewater) talks about his "Political Power" series of unauthorized bio-comics of presidential candidates. [KATU]

Exhibits | Apparently this business of novelists turning to comics is not new: Nobel Prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck created a comic in the 1940s, Johnny Everyman, that was published by DC Comics and ran for 19 issues. The comic had a message of equality and understanding: "In one titled 'Dedicated to the Millions of American Negroes,' Everyman invites African American soldiers denied service at a diner to eat with him. In 'The Spirit of '46,' he steps in when a young Filipino boy is taunted for marching with his country's flag in an Independence Day parade." The comics are part of a new exhibit, "Comic Books Unmasked: A Look at Race," at the Pearl S. Buck International in Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Exhibits | George Gene Gustines pays a visit to IDW's San Diego Comic Art Gallery, which includes a recreation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman's studio. [New York Times]

Conventions | Attendance at last weekend's Lexington (Kentucky) Comic and Toy Convention topped 25,000, and staffer Tyler Phillips said the show is outgrowing its current venue. [Lexington Herald-Leader]

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