Comics A.M. | Responses to Heavy Ink, Fan Expo Canada adds a day

Politics | Warren Ellis joins the list of creators who want nothing to do with Heavy Ink after Travis Corcoran's inflammatory remarks. At The Daily Cartoonist, Ted Rall pushes back on the outrage, saying, "If I only bought from companies and individuals whose political beliefs I agreed with, I wouldn’t be buying much." [Warren Ellis, The Daily Cartoonist]

Conventions | Now there's even more of Fan Expo Canada to love: The self-proclaimed "largest combined gaming, horror, comic, science fiction and anime event in the country" is expanding from three to four days, Aug. 25-28, 2011. [Convention Scene]

Manga | A Chinese artist named Xiao Bai is this year's winner of the Japanese government's International Manga Award. The prizewinning entry, Si loin et si proche (So near and so far), was published in Belgium last year. [Monsters and Critics]

Creators | Frank Santoro explains why size matters for an artist: Art that is drawn the same size as the finished comic (like Art Spiegelman's Maus) has an immediacy that pages drawn large and then reduced lack. [Comics Comics]

Comics | Tom Spurgeon points out that Fantagraphics is planning to republish the works of Carl Barks, not produce an archive, and he explains why the difference is important. [The Comics Reporter]

Comics | Shaenon Garrity takes a look at the long-out-of-print graphic novel From Inside, by John Bergin, which was published by both Tundra and Kitchen Sink. [The Comics Journal]

Piracy | Brian O'Leary of Magellan Media reports on some curious research he did tracking sales of books from computer publisher O'Reilly and Christian publisher Thomas Nelson: Piracy actually caused sales to increase. [O'Reilly Radar]

Digital comics | Publishers Weekly's Calvin Reid goes looking for comics at the Consumer Electronics Show and finds them in a variety of forms, including digital comics on tablets that aren't the iPad. [Publishers Weekly Comics Week]

Design | Jeet Heer is happy that someone is collecting Sheldon Mayer's Sugar and Spike but not happy that it's DC shoehorning it into their Archive edition format. [Comics Comics]

Conventions | EigoMANGA publisher Austin Osueke will demonstrate how to use desktop software to create manga and comics at Macworld later this month. [Macworld]

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