Comics A.M. | Rare Superman comic stolen from Canadian store

Crime | A rare copy of 1939's Superman #3 was stolen from Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, Alberta, sometime in the past week. The comic was displayed high on a wall, and when owner Jay Bardyla went to show it to a customer on Wednesday, it was missing. This issue would be worth $30,000 if it were in mint condition, but Happy Harbor's copy had tears and other defects and was priced at $2,000. Bardyla and his staff are keeping an eye on comics sites and other comic shops to see if it turns up. "To my knowledge there’s not another copy of Superman #3 kicking around Edmonton so if it shows up at another shop, pawn shop or a flea market … hopefully if they see it they’ll let us know," he said. [Global News]

Publishing | The New York Times looks at Drawn and Quarterly's 25-year history with an emphasis on the publisher's promotion of female creators. "When the medium has more women creating comics, more women reading comics, more women studying comics, more women working in comics," Publisher Peggy Burns says, "both the industry and comics literary canon become more reflective of the real world." [The New York Times]

Comics | Meanwhile, Web Behrens looks at the increased diversity of DC Comics' new lineup, in terms of female and gay characters and also the intended age of the audience. [Chicago Tribune]

Creators | Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin, keyed to the new series 21st Century Tank Girl. [Herald Scotland]

Creators | Nina Bunjevac talks about Fatherland, her graphic novel about her Serbian nationalist father. [Vice]

Creators | Cartoonist Henry Chamberlain writes about his experience as the guest cartoonist over the weekend at the grand opening of an exhibit of the animation art of Chuck Jones. [Comics Grinder]

Creators | Indonesian creators discuss two comics series that are focused on that country's struggle for independence. [The Jakarta Post]

Auctions | Lew Stringer spots a suspicious eBay listing for the first issue of The Beano — in fact, it was a reproduction, and he explains how you can tell the difference. [Blimey!]

Retailing | The owners of the newly opened 4th Wall Comics in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are comics fans and something more: They have a combined 13 years' experience working in comics retail. [FlipSidePA]

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