Comics A.M. | Phoenix Comicon kicks off; Daniel Clowes talks digital

Conventions | Phoenix Comicon kicks off today, drawing an anticipated 35,000 to 40,000 attendees to the Phoenix (Arizona) Convention Center. Comics guests include Brett Booth, Jim Cheung, Garth Ennis, David Finch, Kathryn Immonen, Stuart Immonen, Andy Kuhn, Francis Manapul, David Lapham, Bob Layton, Dan Parent, George Perez, Billy Tucci and Ethan Van Sciver. [Modern Times Magazine, Fox 10 News]

Publishing | What does it mean to be an imprint of a larger publisher? For those who are interested in how the sausages are made, Gina Gagliano explains the relationship between First Second Books and parent company Macmillan. [First Second Books]

Publishing | Marvel is looking to hire an assistant editor. [Disney Careers]

Creators | Daniel Clowes talks with Wired about the traveling museum retrospective "Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes" and his aversion to going digital: "“Digital seems like such a step back from a printed book. For me, the whole process involves envisioning this book in my head as I’m working. That is what I’m trying to create. That’s the work of art. That’s the sculpture I’m chipping away at, and when I’m finally done, I will arrive at that perfect 3-D object. The iPad version would be like a picture of the book, which doesn’t hold any interest at all for me. Even if I only had 10 readers, I’d rather do the book for them than for a million readers online.” [Underwire]

Creators | Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about the latest incarnation of Carol Danvers, as Captain Marvel (DeConnick describes her as "Carol Danvers as Chuck Yeager"), and her new look: "There was one point when I was trying to figure out if we were going to make a 'thing' of the new costume and I was looking for an in-story reason and I happened to be writing a funeral scene and I remember thinking that I would never in a hundred years wear a black swimsuit and thigh boots to a funeral, unless it was a funeral for, like, a circus performer or something." [GeekMom]

Creators | Here's a coup: Three first-time comics writers have managed to get artist Spain Rodriguez to illustrate their graphic novel. The book is a modern-day retelling of Don Quixote, and they plan to fund it via Kickstarter. [Kansas City InfoZine]

Comics | "It’s true that no comic book character is more architectural than Batman (with the possible exception of personal favorite Transmetropolitan)," says Matt Chaban in a brief look at Chip Kidd's upcoming Batman: Death By Design. [New York Observer]

History | Larry Cruz looks at Thimble Theatre before and after the introduction of Popeye. [The Webcomic Overlook]

Hype | GalleyCat got a press release in the form of a comic strip, and they have posted it for the world to see—which, of course, is the point. It actually is a good example of how the comics medium allows information to be presented efficiently, as it's shorter and more readable than most press releases. [GalleyCat]

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