Comics A.M. | <i>PC Weenies</i> call it quits; own a piece of Tokyopop

Webcomics | Cartoonist Krishna M. Sadasivam has announced he's ending his popular webcomic The PC Weenies after 13 years. Thursday's strip will be the last, "at least for some time." In a post on his website, Sadasivam cites, among other reasons, a desire to focus on illustration, a plateauing audience and, "the biggie," bills. "We’ve had a few emergency setbacks recently (two huge car repairs, a crazy water bill from hell, etc.) that are putting the squeeze on us financially. Big time," he writes. "The time I spend on making the comic could be better spent on other income-generating areas, and right now I have to do what’s best for my family." [PCWeenies.com]

Publishing | Ahead of the official closing of Tokyopop's publishing division in Los Angeles on Tuesday, two of the company's lighted metal signs have popped up for sale on Craigslist. [Anime News Network]

Comic-Con | Spurred by a recent newspaper profile that revealed the offices of Comic-Con International aren't located in San Diego but rather nearby La Mesa, the city's business license officer did a little research and discovered that convention organizers have been operating in the suburb for five years without a business license. Comic-Con has until June 2 to comply with La mesa city laws by submitting a business license application and the required fees. [Poway Patch]

Publishing | Glenn Hauman wonders why DC Comics isn't exhibiting this week at Book Expo America in New York City. [ComicMix]

Creators | Barbara Kesel discusses her career, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, The Killing Joke and DC's view of female creators and characters at that time: "They weren’t looking to exclude women; they just didn’t think about it. It is a natural bias to connect with the character closest to you. At DC at that time, that was usually male writers and artists, so the male characters took prominence. Over the years, when fans who weren’t white males would say 'Why don’t I see (me) in comics?' I’d say it was because THEY weren’t making them. The writer works out of his own ego first. The artist works out of his own mirror first, You can remember to work around that natural bias, but that’s where we all start. (Okay, way more artists than writers would include women, but largely as eye candy, and they might include random people on the street, but if you said “draw a hero” without any further instructions, you’d get a while male character.)" [DC Women Kicking Ass]

Digital comics | Darrell Etherington makes the case that "comic books and iPads are made for each other." [Businessweek]

Comics | Brian Truitt spotlights Marvel's "I Am Captain America" variant covers, which depict "real-world American heroes." [USA Today]

Comics | Chris Sims lists eight of the best noir comics, from Criminal to Fell to Sin City. [ComicsAlliance]

Comics | Christopher Monfette names five horror franchises that should continue as comic books. [FEARnet]

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