Comics A.M. | Pardoned Tunisian cartoonist may remain in prison

Legal | It looks as if Tunisian cartoonist Jabeur Mejri will not be released from prison any time soon, despite being pardoned by President Moncef Marzouki for charges stemming from his cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. It turns out that the mysterious other criminal case that's been holding things up is a charge of embezzlement that dates back a few years to when Mejri was working for the Tunisian railways. Neither Mejri's lawyer nor his family had been aware of the charge, but the judge in the case issued a warrant for Mejri's continued detention on Jan. 9. His lawyer will submit a bail request, which he hopes will be granted next week. [Independent Online]

Creators | Chris Ware talks about his Building Stories in an interview that was recorded before a live audience in Portland, Oregon. [Oregon Public Broadcasting]

Digital comics | Bruce Lidl talks with Chris Ross, Top Shelf's director of digital publishing, about the thinking behind the company's recent announcement that it will sell some of its comics directly to consumers as DRM-free digital comics as well as digital-print bundles. [The Beat]

Comics | It has been 25 years since Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure first graced the silver screen, and Rachel Edidin marks the occasion with a short interview with Evan Dorkin, who drew both the comic adaptation of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey and the short-lived series Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book for Marvel. [Underwire]

Retailing | Jimmy Gownley, creator of Amelia Rules, has opted to have the pre-release event for his newest book, The Dumbest Idea Ever, at the Frederick, Maryland, comics shop Beyond Comics rather than a bookstore, although the graphic novel is being released by a traditional book publisher. Gownley says he likes to support comics shops, because that's where he got his start, and Beyond Comics owner Jon Cohen expects to draw a big crowd because his shop specializes in graphic novels. [The Washington Times]

Events | Stan Sakai will be the keynote speaker this week at the annual Michigan State University Comics Forum. [WKAR]

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