Comics A.M. | Pakistan, Turkey and Taliban condemn 'Charlie Hebdo' cover


Editorial cartoons | The leaders of Pakistan, Turkey and the Taliban on Thursday condemned the new Charlie Hebdo cover depicting the Prophet Muhammad. “If someone is printing a cartoon insulting the prophet, there is a provocation,” Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told reporters. The lower house of the Pakistan parliament unanimously approved a resolution condemning the cartoons, and the Tailban emailed a statement saying, "We strongly condemn this repugnant and inhumane action," which is "opening the door to provoking the sensitivities of nearly one and a half billion Muslims." Also, several people were injured when police broke up an anti-Charlie Hebdo protest outside the French Consulate in Karachi. [Bloomberg]

Passings | Mourners drew cartoons and wrote farewell wishes on the coffin of cartoonist Bernard Verlhac, known as Tignous, who was buried Thursday, eight days after he and 11 other people were killed in an attack on the offices of the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. [Mashable]

Creators | In a piece done partly in comics form, Annette Carlsen, who drew one of the Prophet Muhammad cartoons that appeared in 2005 in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, tells how she came up with the concept and what happened after the cartoons were published. [Medium]

Publishing | Starting with a brief history of the direct market, Joshua Rivera explains Image Comics' new subscription system and why it's important. [Entertainment Weekly]

Creators | NPR profiles Jordanian creator Suleiman Bakhit, who wants to create superhero comics that offer positive role models for children in the Middle East. [NPR]

Digital comics | The venerable British children's comic The Beano has launched an interactive story app featuring its character Dennis the Menace (who is much more menacing than the American character of the same name) and his dog Gnasher fighting a horde of zombies. The iOS app is basically a game set in the world of the story, and users can not only earn points and badges but also insert photos of themselves into the action. Beano also recently released a Dennis and Gnasher mod for the Minecraft game. [Down the Tubes]

Digital comics | The anime service Crunchyroll is phasing out its manga-only tier and opening up its online manga to all premium subscribers. [Crunchyroll]

Manga | Toshi Nakamura writes about Literacy of Nana (unfortunately, available in Japanese only right now), a manga that tackles the issues of publishing, distributing and marketing video games. [Kotaku]

Retailing | The local news station pays a visit to Badlands Comics, the only comics shop in Dickinson, North Dakota. [KXNews]

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