Comics A.M. | Online effort raises $5,000 for struggling store

Retailing | Fans of the Fall River, Massachusetts, retailer StillPoint Comics, Cards & Games kicked in $5,000 in a GoFundMe campaign to keep the store in business. The shop, which opened in 1997, had to close for 10 days last month after its power was shut off. [The Herald News]

Publishing | Following confirmation last month of a Space Mountain graphic novel series, Heidi MacDonald talks with executives from Disney Publishing Worldwide about the expansion of the new Disney Comics imprint. [Publishers Weekly]

Events | Sean Kleefeld reports on Day 1 of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Grand Opening Festival of Cartoon Art in Columbus, Ohio. [Kleefeld on Comics]

Creators | Writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory discuss their plans for the upcoming issues of Chew. [Hero Complex]

Creators | The sequential journalism site Cartoon Movement has just posted So Close, Faraway, an in-depth story about the life of a homeless man living on the streets in Porto Alegre, Brazil. There's also an interview with creator Augusto Paim, who explains why he found this topic interesting and how he used visual techniques to tell the story. [Cartoon Movement]

Creators | Matt Badham is moving from novels to comics as he picks up a series about the classic 2000AD character Rogue Trooper for IDW Publishing. [Forbidden Planet]

Creators | Frank Santoro shows off some photos of Comic Arts Brooklyn and interviews Alex Schubert, whose new book The Blobby Boys is fresh out from Koyama Press. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Ed Catto talks about his love of comics as a child and how he is spinning that into a new business now: "'Retropreneur is kind of the next stage in my professional evolution as I combine a love of past pop-culture properties and polish them up to bring them center stage for today’s audiences. We’ve been doing that with Zeroids (an old robot toy), a Jungle Girl property and a ’60s superhero toy called Captain Action." [13th Dimension]

Comics | The comics criticism blog PencilPanelPage has moved to The Hooded Utilitarian, where it launches a promised five-part roundtable on Krazy Kat and how it has changed the comics canon. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

Comics | Researcher Neil Cohn, who studies comics as a visual language, looks at a Indonesian study in which people expressed a preference for manga over Tintin comics; he admits the study is flawed but still draws some interesting conclusions. [The Visual Linguist]

Digital comics | The original Classics Illustrated comics, which have been out on Nook for a while, are now available on comiXology. [Good E-Reader]

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