Comics A.M. | Oni to re-release Sophie Campbell's 'Wet Moon'

Creators | Oni Press will republish Sophie Campbell's Wet Moon in a new edition with her correct name on the cover, and a new cover design by Annie Mok. Campbell, who announced earlier this year that she's transgender, says she's particularly happy to have a new edition coming out so soon: "I didn’t think I’d get new editions this early, I thought I’d have to wait a couple years for the next printing to roll around to get my name fixed, so it’s awesome getting it this soon after I came out. And having the new covers is really great too, I like that they differentiate the new editions from the old ones, for me it feels like a specific, clear divide between now and then." [Autostraddle]

Creators | Sommelier Maryse Chevriere discusses why wine enthusiasts use such flowery language, and her Instagram cartoons based on extreme descriptions, such as "Lightning strikes a rose garden, blasts rain dampened earth in your face" and "Young HF Grenache's true colors: Cyndi Lauper on the outside, Lou Albano just below the surface." [Vice]

Creators | Eric Dean Seaton talks about the significance of diversity in his graphic novel trilogy Legend of the Mantamaji: "Obviously the rule was the lead character had to be African-American just because I obviously am, but my other major rule was all the women had to be strong characters… Because my character is always gonna be trying to save the world, the world is a mixture. And so that drove having a lot of different characters of different nationalities and races and creeds." [Eurweb]

Creators | Putting the "comic" in "comic book," comedy writers talk about their forays into writing ink-and-paper comics. The group includes Scott Aukerman (who has had stories in Deadpool and Secret Wars Journal #3), Taran Killam (The Illegitimates), the Flop House podcast team, and Paul Scheer (Deadpool, Alien vs. Parker) [Co.Create]

Creators | Artist Bob Heim planned a a 24-hour Cartoonathon for this past weekend, in which he would spend an entire day offering impromptu cartooning classes in various locations, including a movie theater, a truck stop, and a supermarket. "I have a 37-second cartoon class," he said. "And don’t you know once some guy standing there with a watch told me it took 48 seconds. I said, 'I dozed off.' It’s 37 seconds unless you’re on your lunch break. Then I can do it in 27 seconds." [Times-Leader]

Creators | In an interview that's available in both English and Spanish, writer David Michelinie talks about his work, including the Iron Man story "Demon in a Bottle" and the Avengers story "Emperor Doom." [Making of E-Zine]

Creators | Tatiana Gill talks about her autobiographical comics, which chronicle her experiences with alcoholism and quitting drinking. Her work includes the webcomic Living in the Now. [Capitol Hill Seattle]

Collecting | Sean Kleefeld compares some prices for original comics art but can't make much sense of them. [Kleefeld on Comics]

Conventions | The fire marshals didn't have to close down Rhode Island Comic Con this year. Spreading the convention, which attracted 60,000 attendees, across two venues, prevented that, but there were significant issues with congestion, reports Rodney Brown. [NerdCaliber]

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