Comics A.M. | Occupy Miami diary, Bill Mantlo followup

Creators | Sarah Glidden, creator of How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, chronicles her time at Occupy Miami Nov. 15-21 in a sketchbook. [Cartoon Movement]

Creators | Corey Blake follows up on the Bill Mantlo story published by LIfeHealthPro, including some clarifications of issues raised in the story and additional details on various fundraisers over the years to help pay for Mantlo's care. [Corey Blake]

Creators | Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society Podcast interviews Skullkickers writer Jim Zubkavich about piracy and the Stop Online Piracy Act. [Berkman Center for Internet & Society Podcast]

Creators | Christopher Irving interviews and Seth Kushner photographs creator Alex Ross. [Graphic NYC]

Creators | At the Miami Book Fair, Underwire creator Jennifer Hayden triumphed over an impressive array of novelists and poets to take top honors in the Literary Death Match, a sort of biathlon in which the two events were live readings and a spelling bee. [Knight Arts, via Comics Worth Reading]

Creators | Geoff Johns talks about writing the new Aquaman series, potential appearances by other "aqua" characters and the use of humor in his writing: "I mean, I wanted to make it all about the characters first. When you focus more on character interactions, a character's humor comes out. I just wanted to make the books a little bit different. If I was just going to write the same books, then it wasn't going to be a challenge or something new to me. I wanted to look at every book and approach it differently than I would have prior to the relaunch. I think humor is definitely something that there is a time and a place for, and I think humor really grows out of characters. Especially in Justice League when you have all these alpha personalities interacting with one another." [IGN]

Creators | Hayley Campbell talks to Anders Nilsen about his latest opus, Big Questions, after a comics reading in London that was part of his staggeringly long book tour. [The Comics Journal]

Manga | Jason Thompson has an imaginary dialogue with Shaenon Garrity in order to explain the classic Viz title Midori Days, about a teenage boy whose right arm is mysteriously transformed into a girl who has a crush on him. [Anime News Network]

Commentary | Former Tokyopop editor Tim Beedle revisits the advice he gave aspiring global manga creators back in the day. It's still pretty solid guidance for anyone who wants to create graphic novels in any style. [Words That Stay]

Comics | As the shine begins to wear off DC's New 52, Jeff Reid is providing refresher courses on the history of various characters. This week: Zatanna. [iFanboy]

Comics | After hearing about the destruction of the People's Library at Occupy Wall Street, Sean Kleefeld sent over some of his own books to replenish their collection. Only after he sent off the package did he realize that most of the books were by Frank Miller. [Kleefeld on Comics]

Conventions | John Hogan moderated a panel on graphic novels at the Miami Book Fair, and he came away with an impressive list of recommended reading. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Conventions | Michael Buntag has a report and some reflections on the seventh annual Philippine Komics Convention (Komikon). [Nonsensical Words]

Humor | Dorian Wright presents the Grant Morrison Bingo Card. [(postmodernbarney.com)]

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