Comics A.M. | New Kickstarter study reveals failure rates

Crowdfunding | A new report released by Kickstarter shows that about 9 percent of the projects on the crowdfunding platform failed to deliver the promised rewards. While that is fairly consistent across all categories, comics do appear to do a bit better than most. Another interesting tidbit: Projects that raise less than $1,000 are the most likely to fail. [Kickstarter]

Creators | Writer Kyle Higgins talks about his new Power Rangers comic, Green Ranger: Year One, which focuses on the Ranger who was originally a villain before reforming and joining the team: "Basically, in going the modernization route I decided that I didn't really want to jump in and tell new origins of the Power Rangers or anything like that. So looking at the introduction of the Green Ranger to the team, of him joining the team, was the window that I took for the story in order to get us into the world." [Hero Complex]

Creators | Chatting with reporters at the Indonesia Comic Con, Kabuki creator David Mack talked about one of his strategies for developing stories: Whenever he gets a new idea, he makes a note and puts it in a folder. "When it comes time to do it, I pull it out and I look at these 200 little scraps of paper that I don’t even remember making. But I go, 'Ohh ... yes, whoever wrote this, this is a good idea,'" he said. "That’s kinda like previous me has given a gift to current me." [The Jakarta Post]

Creators | E.P. Unny, the lead political cartoonist for the New Indian Express, talks about cartooning in a time when politics is not only more polarized but also more tied to religious faith. [The Wire]

Comics | Students share their feelings about their medical training in the Comics in Medicine class at the Penn State College of Medicine; some are so stressed out, they depict their supervisors as demons. [NPR]

Exhibits | The Louvre is bringing an exhibit of Japanese, French and Belgian comic art to Tokyo. The exhibit will feature works by Hirohiko Araki, Jiro Taniguchi, Nicolas de Crecy and Enki Bilal, all of whom have created graphic novels about The Louvre as part of a series commissioned by the museum (published in English by NBM). The work of other Japanese artists will be included in the show as well. [Asahi Shimbun]

Retailing | Joe Murray was a regular customer at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, Delaware, until he bought the store. "Our motto is: we sell fun stuff to fun people," Murray said. "Pop culture is our culture, so let’s have fun with it." That fun includes Cans for Cosplay, a combo cosplay event and food drive that's taking place this Saturday. [University of Delaware Review]

Retailing | Grand Rapids, Michigan, will get a new comic shop in February, when The Comic Signal opens its doors. Owner Don Myers will use part of his own collection of 29,000 comics as store stock. On an interesting side note, the popularity of comic shops has not gone unnoticed: Tom Peterson, the realtor who brokered the deal for the space, commented that "Comic book shops are becoming more and more popular. Those that have opened appear to be doing very well, some even expanding into new markets." [Grand Rapids Business Journal]

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