Comics A.M. | <i>Natural Selection</i> creator passes away; is Tokyopop back?

Passings | Dr. Scott Henson, who retired from a career as a neurosurgeon and became a cartoonist, has died at the age of 52. Henson, who treated Superman actor Christopher Reeve after his fall, took up the pen after his health problems forced him to leave the medical field and created the panel cartoon Natural Selection under the pen name Russ Wallace. The cartoon was picked up by Creators Syndicate and syndicated nationwide. [The Charleston Gazette]

Publishing | Deb Aoki provides a thorough analysis of Tokyopop's Anime Expo panel, in which the once-shuttered manga publisher announced a new title and hinted at more. [About.com]

Creators | Paul Levitz discusses Worlds' Finest, his buddy comic featuring Power Girl and Huntress: "There's always been a certain level of humor and cool confidence in a light way associated with Power Girl that's been fun, and the Huntress has always been the more determined of the women in the DC Universe — a woman with a sense of mission and a crossbow ready to take your eye out. [USA Today]

Creators | Brian Wood talks about digital comics pricing (too high), DRM and why he goes to comic conventions. [Technorati]

Creators | When Gordon Mclean lost his job, he used his unemployment check to start up his comic No More Heroes, which won the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards prize for Best Comic at Glasgow Comic Con last weekend. "We've sold a hefty amount of copies of what's basically a debut comic by an unknown creative team and of course there was the bizarre situation of seeing issue one becoming the most pirated comic in the British indie scene and sitting in the torrent charts next to Batman and the Walking Dead. Sod it, I'm putting that in the win column too." [The Geek Files]

Creators | Michael Dooley talks to artist JT Waldman, who illustrated Harvey Pekar's Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me, working with Pekar and then continuing his work after Pekar's death. [Imprint]

Creators | Michael Moreci discusses his work on Hoax Hunters. [Spandexless]

Retailers | Brian Hibbs, owner of Comix Experience in San Francisco, lists the top-selling comics and top-selling graphic novels at his shop so far this year. [Savage Critics]

Commentary | Matt D. Wilson reviews Ed Piskor's Wizzywig: "In classic TV-movie-of-the-week style, we're told the book is a 'Portrait of a Serial Hacker,' but protagonist Kevin 'Boingthump' Phenicle's story is only about computer hacking in part, though that's certainly what he becomes infamous for. It's also a familiar story about a bullied kid who buries himself in potentially dangerous hobbies, a look into the life of a fugitive, a tale of a public uprising, a sort of prison diary, and an advocacy piece. Every time you think you have a handle on it, the story goes in a different direction. And, for the most part, the variety what makes it a great read." [Comics Alliance]

Comics | Jonathan McCalmont writes about French graphic novels as part of a roundtable on French science fiction. [Locus Online]

Comics | Enumclaw, WA, comics fan Tim Keaty really stepped up when his friends the Andrews family needed a companion dog for their autistic child, Austin: Partnering with nearby retailer Fantasium Comics and Games, he sold off his collection of 2,500 comics (some autographed by the creators) at $1 a pop to raise the money. Star Wars cosplayers the Mandaorian Mercs helped out as well. [Federal Way Mirror]

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