Comics A.M. | Motor City Comic Con apologizes for long lines

Conventions | Motor City Comic Con founder Michael Goldman has apologized to fans for the long lines they had to endure to get into the event on Saturday, writing in a message on Facebook, "We never expected 18,000+ people to attend that day, which was the same amount of people we had over the entire three days last year. We were literally hit with a 'Humanity Bomb' and were not prepared for the sheer number of people attending, even with a large increase in our staff." More than 30,000 people attended over the course of three days, with attendees reportedly waiting for up to two hours on Saturday just to get into the parking lot, and then another one to four hours to get in the doors. Golden said he is already working on avoiding the same problem next year. [Facebook]

Retailing | Brian Berlin of New World Comics in Oklahoma City is offering free comics and appearances by costumed characters for children left hospitalized or homeless by the tornadoes that struck Oklahoma this week. [Nerdage]

Conventions | Comic-Con International organizers have announced a badge resale will be held sometime next month. To participate, you must sign up for a Comic-Con Member ID. [Comic-Con International]

Conventions | Bobbi Booker files a report on the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (EBACC), which took place over the weekend in Philadelphia; the Glyph Awards were presented the evening before the con. [Publishers Weekly]

Comics | With Marvel Studios' Captain America: The Winter Soldier filming in Cleveland, Michael Sangiacamo offers a brief historical overview of the Sentinel of Liberty and Bucky Barnes. [The Plain Dealer]

Fandom | Nine-year-old Cora Eder, a finalist in an essay contest sponsored by DC Entertainment and Capstone Publishers, is profiled by her hometown newspaper. Challenged to write about the real superhero in her life, Eder chose her father, a police officer who served two tours in the Army in Iraq. The winner will be announced May 30 during Book Expo America in New York City. [News & Record]

Manga | In a column from 2011 that still makes for good reading, Joe McCulloch looks at Mitsuru Adachi's work (Cross Game) and how the studio system of apprentices may have shaped the art. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

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