Comics A.M. | More on Marvel layoffs; CCI plans Balboa Park event

Publishing | Heidi MacDonald and Tom Spurgeon offer commentary and context regarding last week's layoffs by Marvel. [The Beat, Comics Reporter]

Conventions | San Diego City Council President Tony Young and Comic-Con International staff are working together on a "marquee event" at Balboa Park that around the time of Comic Con. While convention organizers are interested in a Balboa Park event, they don't support Yong's original proposal, a nationally televised parade that would kick off or end the con, saying that the logistics, traffic and crowding would be problematic. [Sign On San Diego]

Conventions | Ohio State University's student newspaper covers this past weekend's Mid-Ohio Con. [The Lantern]

Conventions | Digital Manga Publishing will take over the yaoi manga fan convention Yaoi-Con beginning next year and move it from the San Francisco area to Los Angeles. This is a big change for Yaoi-Con, which has been fan-run until now. [Anime News Network]

Creators | Writer Joshua Williamson discusses his new Image title Xenoholics. [Biff Bam Pop]

Creators | Sequential Tart profiles iZombie writer Chris Roberson. [Sequential Tart]

Creators | Graphic Eye interviews Josceline Fenton, creator of the webcomic Hemlock. Never heard of her? You will — check out her art and you'll see why. [Graphic Eye]

Analysis | Kailyn Kent places Craig Thompson's Habibi in the context of melodrama in the latest addition to The Hooded Utilitarian's ongoing critique. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

Review | Bob Temuka goes on record as liking Frank Miller's Holy Terror, and he explains why, with pictures. [The Tearoom of Despair]

Review | Kate Dacey reviews Gate 7, the latest manga by the Japanese collaborative CLAMP. Executive summary: Great art, weak story. [The Manga Critic]

Comics | Sean Kleefeld posts the Captain Marvel issue of Mighty Midget Comics, a series published by Fawcett in the early 1940s in which, for some reason, all issues were #11. [Kleefeld on Comics]

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