Comics A.M. | Michael George loses appeal for new trial

Legal | Former comics retailer Michael George has lost his appeal for a new trial. He was convicted twice for the 1990 murder of his wife, first in 2008 and then in a 2011 retrial. George is serving life in prison without parole. [The Macomb Daily]

Creators | John Sutter profiles Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat, whose hands were broken by government troops in an (unsuccessful) attempt to keep him from ever drawing again. [CNN]

Creators | Michael Diana, the first artist in the United States to be convicted of obscenity (for his comic Boiled Angel), returns to Miami after more than 20 years for a show of his work at the Miami Art Museum — which paid his remaining fines so he could enter the state without risk of arrest. [Miami New Times]

Creators | Jamal Igle talks about his Kickstarter-funded all-ages comic Molly Danger. [Panel Patter]

Comics | The Salvatore Ferragamo shoe company has commissioned a graphic novel about its founder, created in an expressionistic style by artist Frank Espinosa — himself the son of a cobbler. [Esquire]

Manga | Technically, Kodansha's Morning Magazine app D Morning is only available in Japan, but Joe McCulloch found a work-around and presents a sampling of pages from the free preview issue, along with commentary. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Rhik Kundu looks at the renewed interest in comics in India, always a robust market for the medium, thanks to indie publishers and a trend toward more comics for adults. [The Times of India]

Events | The National Cartoonists Society will hold its annual convention in Pittsburgh this weekend, and to celebrate, the Toonseum is holding a day of comics-related activities, including panels, tables, and an art exhibit, that is open to the public. [Pop City]

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