Comics A.M. | Marvel's Axel Alonso on rise of Latino superheroes

Publishing| Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso talks about bringing more Latino characters — and more diversity in general — to the Marvel lineup: "People out there reading our comic books are of all sizes, creeds and colors and it’s our responsibility to make them feel included. This isn’t some PC initiative, this is capitalism. This is about supply and demand." [Fox News Latino]

Passings | Webcomics and minicomics creator Luisa Felix (Candy Blondell) has died at the age of 60. [The Comics Reporter]

Creators | Grant Morrison discusses winding up his run on Action Comics: "Symbolically I'm not a big fan of dealing with politics in superhero comics because I think it diminishes both sides of the argument, but I do have my own take on things. I've got my own politics and so they do tend to find their way in. And really for me, its more symbolic, the way story winds up to tackle all those issues and looks at them through the perspective of Superman and Red Kryptonite and weirdness. So it's gone underground. I think the early Superman was very much more aligned with the anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian current, because I think when Superman started out that he was what entered into." [Comics Alliance]

Creators | Sandra Beasley has a meaty interview with Dean Haspiel, in which he talks about his first comics, how he developed Billy Dogma and why he does non-creator-owned comics. [Barrelhouse Magazine]

Creators | Eva Volin interviews Koko Be Good creator Jen Wang. [Good Comics for Kids]

Comics | Drew Goletz of GrayHaven Comics discusses the anthology he's editing, You Are Not Alone, which was conceived in the wake of the Newtown shootings and collects stories about pre-teens and teens facing difficult situations. [GeekDad]

Comics | The British adventure anthology Strip Magazine plans a relaunch in March, bringing print copies to the newsstand for the first time; the first seven issues were a "test run" available digitally and in comics shops. [downthetubes]

History | John Jackson Miller delves into the dark past of Statements of Ownership, Management and Circulation, those fine-print blocks that detailed how many copies of a comic were published, sold, given away, and returned by retailers. It all looks terribly official, but apparently there was quite a bit of hanky-panky, especially at Charlton Comics. [The Comichron]

History | Warren Bernard presents a treasure trove of original documents having to do with Fredric Wertham and the Senate hearings on the supposed evils of comics. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Brad Keefe and Jesse Tigges count down the Top 10 comics that don't really exist. [Columbus Alive]

Business | Bill Schanes, vice president of purchasing for Diamond Comic Distributors, will leave his post at the end of April; current executive director of purchasing John Wurzer will be promoted to vice president to replace him. [ICv2]

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